Turbo C++ Learning material ?

Do you have guys any books or websites which is good for beginner to start learn Turbo C/C++ ?
Is there good modern setups to code for dos ? Was it Turbo C also used for win 3.1/win95 apps back in day ?


  • The official training material was published as a book, Turbo C++ DiskTutor. IIRC, it covers the basics of C++ with enough DOS information to get simple DOS utilities finished.

    Get a powerful system running DOS in emulation and Turbo C++ compiles will be very quick. Emulation is also a better place to do initial testing since the major bugs will be a lot easier to locate.

    Turbo C/C++ was used for Win 3.1 programming though their preferred Object Windows Library (ported from Actor) can be a bit confusing to figure out. The versions released when Win9x was prevalent did support generating Win9x programs.
  • Hello,

    You can download borland manuals :


  • thank you very much for replys, this will be enough to start learning :)
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