Windows NT 3.51 Server (complete CD, not just i386 folder)

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i am looking for a complete cd image or zip thing, that has also has all the original folders, not just the i386 folder.


  • Right now, that's all we have. If we find an origional CD then we'll replace the current on with it.


  • I have the complete win nt 3.51 cd
  • OK, I hope you'll give it to WinWorld!
    Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  • Hello BOD... do you have AIM? Could you send it to me?
  • PM Fish or I (Q) and we'll get something worked out.


  • two things.....

    1. i don't have aim sorry

    2. i tried to click pm but error 404 was displayed

    perhaps we could try something else...
  • Email!

    winworld @ wwsvr . bounceme . net

  • The PM should work
  • Oh, then forget it then... I'll wait some other time to get it...
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