Old nVidia GPU's, 3dfx, etc | 36/72 pin memory | external IBM modems | AS/400 Parts, etc....

I have a ton of older hardware if anyone is looking for anything.

IN NEED OF - Will $$ of course

1. One 5.25" Floppy Drive (IDE)
2. A dozen or so 5.25" SD/DD disks.
3. A Syquest EZ-135 external PARALLEL port OR IDE/PATA INTERNAL drive. I have loads of the 135MB discs. Will consider a SCSI drive if a compatible card is available.


I have all the components from an IBM AS/400 server...4 RAMBUS sticks, Tandberg MLR1 tape drive (internal SCSI), Pentium Pro 200MHz CPU, PowerPC card, etc. A Multitech (IBM) external serial (25 pin) full featured dial up modem.

I have soooooooo many CPU's dating back to AMD K5/K6, Athlon days as well as Intel Slot 1 series as well as a huge amount of memory from 36 pin to DDR2 (for the older things)

Nvidia GPU's from the first (GeForce 256, TNT 16/32, MX, etc, etc.) - 3dfx VooDoo, S3, Trident, etc.

Unopened MS NT 4.0 CD's, DOS 6.22 in plastic, etc.

If allowed, I can post pictures of all of it. I have so much more I will have to compile a list of it all.




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    Hey, I just saw this--please post pictures! I may also have that 135MB syquest drive in my collection. I know I have the 1.5GB one.
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