[Request] old versions of Parted Magic

Parted Magic is a live bootable Linux for USB or CD, that has utilities that let you work on the partitions of the computer's harddrives. Because it is a version of Linux, it doesn't have some of the restrictions of Windows, including working with partition types that Windows doesn't support. Also because it is booting from a separate drive, it can also work on the partitions of your computer's main boot drive. Unfortunately, while the program was originally free (and the site it was on just asked for donations), the author of the software more recently started charging for the latest version, and removed all ways to download the old versions from his website. Even worse, the Wayback Machine does NOT have any copies of the ISOs or USB images, and only has the HTML pages from the old version of the website.

So this leads to my request to the community. As there seems to be no way anywhere on the internet to download the old free versions of this program, I'm requesting anybody who already has a copy of one of the old free versions, please send it into the admin of WinWorld, so he can post it on his website for others to download. Alternatively, upload it to a file hosting site like Mega, and post the download link to it as a reply to this thread.


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