Windows 2000 Advanced Server keeps trying to format a 80 gb partition with FAT32

so i've been trying to install windows server products on real hardware (first nt 4 now 2000 advserver) and the setup says that "your hard drive is over 2048 mb in size so we have to format it using fat32" or something like that ntfs was all ready released by then so what the [PEEP] is going on here.

([PEEP] is a sensor)


  • Trying to make this relevent
    (i'm still having the problem)
  • Make the partition smaller or format it NTFS for windows 2000 since it cannot format a fat32 partition larger than 32GB.

    Windows NT 4 won’t create an ntfs boot partition bigger than 4GB, but if you use 3rd party software it can support up to about 8GB before it starts having issues bluescreening on boot if the system files move too far out.
  • You can format it with other tools or operate systems
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