I'm leaving

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When I joined WinBoards, it was a small community of computer users, and IBM (forum jester). It has since become a vibrant forum. WinBoards has helped countless people with everything from windows 1.01 to rank wars tocar purchase choices. We've had elections and fake sites. And it's been great. I have other fish to fry though, and other beans to bake. I wish you all the best who I would consider among my compadras, you know who you are. I sincerely hope that shellfish and radon don't geive you much of a hard time when I am gone, they can both be a handful. Well, bye, I may never return.

PS: since i was president that means there's an election now, i endorse fish, ofcourse

Sehr gut!

~!~Mr. Clean~!~


  • Fare you well! Or something to that effect.

  • Let the force be with you!
  • Bye Mr. Clean. I hope to talk to you in AIM soon.
  • This reminds me of the very last episode of Three's Company.

    Anyway...Good bye Mr. Clean. I will miss you.
  • See ya. Comment whatever you like, we know the truth.

    See ya, Mr Clean. :)
  • Bye, MrC! I'll never forget you!
  • farewell good luck!!!
  • Thanks to Mr. Clean !

    It's seemed to me since I've been here that you were
    uninterested in the forum and often unhappy with many
    things and I suspected you only remained to share the
    interests of a friend. FishNET3000 is your friend and has
    stated the fact on several occasions so I'm sure he won't
    be mad at you for leaving.

    I want to take this last opportunity to thank you once
    again for hosting the forum while the main server was
    down. You were a great help even though it was a
    real inconvenience to you. I hope everyone shares
    my feeling of thanks.

  • He'll be back, trust me... its going to be just like last year during school, where he only posts occaisonally on weekends.
  • I may do that, but I don't know what my workload is going to be like come September...
  • I did that for the 03-04 school year actually, thats why I never posted and Fish would always be bugging the hell outta me to post.

    I also lost interest.
  • Damn I think I'll finish my posting soon too... The 11th grade is very serious. It's like 'a key to future success or failure'
  • LOL 0-8 were the slack off years. Turns out they werent being recorded so my slacking off did me good :-)
  • I slacked a bit last year. There was this forum... Winboards... lol
  • yeah slash, im goin into 11th grade as well...not too sure how much time ill have for this board...i got other priorities like work, school, girlfriend, friends, family, sleep...etc..
  • 9-12 are actully important though.

    So I gotta try to limit my sleeping to 1 class.

    Last year it was Spanish, I slept though it half the time and passed....I think this year itll be my VB class. Ill sleep there and learn on my own time using eBooks. Ill probly learn a hell of alot more. Hell, probly the only 1 there that actually has a copy of VB
  • Haha... hmmm.... I think I might get some WinBoards time in during lunch, but maybe I should do homework then.
  • ah..yes..homework during lunch.

    homeroom works better though
  • Or other classes. :)

    I had meant homework due the next day, but that too!

    I do remember frantically trying to finish crappy Social Studies outlines in lunch. But last year, I had ILA (Integrated LA) before and after lunch, so we never knew when she was going to collect something! That sucked!
  • (Grr @ Pocket IE for screwing me 3x!QQ)

    BCC is great for slacking and then (Hopefully) catching up!

  • yeah i got ohter prioties as well like girlfreind, school, work, family in a couple of weeks im starting college so im gonna really have to work hard
  • BOD, How old are you again? Starting College? i thought u were 16?
  • I think they go earlier in the UK... but maybe, not....
  • yeah i am 16, u do go here earlier
  • Hmmm... thought so.
  • well technically its not really college its 6form but theres not much difference
  • collage?! most of the people here are just now going to highschool... anyway you gotta organize your time... sleep, school, homework, molly, eat, winboards/bluesun. thats me schedule
  • Mine is sleep, WinW/BlacII/etc, BCC.

  • sleep, eat, school. homework, WinW if I'm lucky

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