Like DosBox For Win3x

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I know you can run Dos Programs from Windows 3.1 and that Dosbox probably never worked for 16bit Windows, but when you run Dos from Windows 3.1 it exits Windows to load the Dos Program.

However I know there used to be some 16bit Programs for Windows 3.1 that simulated the Dos Command Prompt and there were ones that could run Dos Programs without exiting from Windows. Anyway I want to find one those programs but I don't remember what they were called.

Does any remember such a Program for Windows 3.1? Or still have a copy?


  • Off hand, WinBatch from Wilson WindowWare comes to mind:

    Might be a little more powerful than what you are thinking of, though.
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    Thank you that is awesome, and was a sweet deal too, so I went ahead and bought a Copy. Was far cheaper then getting the New Version from their Website that Probably isn't for Windows 3.1.

    Their compiler creates self-contained executables, so that is pretty great for Windows 3.1, and If you want to test it before Purchasing a Copy you can still get the Evaluation Version to test out from their Website They even still make their software for Modern Windows it cost a bit more though.

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