The Windows 96 of Win95

edited March 2023 in Software
A long many years ago I used to have a Special ISO Version of Windows 95 that was actually called and known as "Windows 96" that I had downloaded from somewhere online back in the day. It still had the Windows 95 Logo and everything like normal Windows 95 has except that it had a much smaller foot print when you installed it and that it loaded and ran faster than the base Win95's that are still floating around the internet today. I still had it burned on a CD til my house Burnt in 2014. However Since then I have never been able to find this strange Windows 95 that I used to have.

Edit: Never mind I just realized that it was probably just Windows Nashville, except I had an ISO that called it Windows 96 but I don't know if it was the same version, the one I had wasn't an Upgrade it self installed Windows and I think it even worked on Fat32 drives..

However I don't think I ever had Windows Nashville at all and that the Windows 96 ISO I used to have was instead a Custom Built Slim Version of Actual Windows 95 that was made by someone and not from Microsoft.

Edit: While I was searching for it on lycos I found an Updated Lite Version of Windows 95 called Windows 95d Lite


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