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Where are all the Windows 3.x Vendor's Utilities? I recently installed some other versions of Windows 3.1 from different Vendors like Gateway, Compaq, and Samsung. Although the Gateway version has a Shutdown Utility and the Compaq version has a enhanced Mouse Cursor Utility, the Samsung version creates a Program Group called Samsung Utilities but they are Missing cause there are none on the setup disk and it just installs a blank Program Group with info on their Custom Logo in it.

Anyway this got me to thinking that there has to be many more Vendor Specific Utilities for Windows 3.1 from all those Vendors. That's HP, IBM, Toshiba, Dell, NEC, Samsung, Tandy, Zenith, Vtech, Chicony, Computer Logic, Gateway, Compaq, Fujitsu, etc..

I have found many of the Compaq, Fujitsu "In Japanese", and IBM utilities, and thanks to Winmate being on the Tandy Sensation most the Tandy Utilities including Winmate are found on it's disc.. Also I think I have a disc that has some the Toshiba Utilities for Windows 3.1..

However I haven't found the HP, Gateway, Samsung or any other Vendors Utilities. I am especially looking for the Samsung ones, even Vendor Specific Diagnostics Tools fall into the same category. So I am looking for those too that are for Windows 3.1 and maybe the Dos ones too.

Does anyone know where they can be found for Specific Vendors? The Most Wanted is the missing Samsung Utilities for Windows 3.1, as I might can track down some the others but I haven't found nothing from Samsung and they make Phones Nowadays.

There are Gateway 2000 Disc too but I don't know what models of the Gateway 2000 ran Windows 3.1 or for how long. Any info you have on Specific Vendors and what setups "Systems" they ran Windows 3.1 on could be helpful in the search.

Please help..

Edit: The Gateway 2000 CDs for Windows 3.1 are the ones from 1993 but I found another Windows 3.1 Vendor called Leading Edge, they had their own Windows 3.00a, MS-Dos 5.0 and apparently Windows 3.1 too, Along with Utilities and other software's. I have found a NEC Windows 3.1 Software Disc too, I just wish that someone had versions of the NEC and Fujitsu Win3.1 Disc in English but they probably don't exist..


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    My wish came true as I found a version of Windows 3.1 from NEC in English. "If you can't find it wish for it".

    Windows 3.1 Vendors
    Apple "Apparently there is a version of Windows 3.1 from Apple" It's on Ebay for 79 dollars or it's a fake.
    Leading Edge - Windows 3.0a, Windows 3.1 missing Install disk, Ms-Dos 5.0
    Packard Bell - They had their own versions of Windows 3.0, 3.1, WFW 3.11, and lot's of Vendor specific software from before they became HP I guess. I have all 3 versions of Windows 3x by Packard Bell in English.
    NEC -
    Fujitsu -
    Toshiba - I also found WFW 3.11 and Windows 3.1 by Toshiba in English.
    Dell -
    Samsung I have the English Win31 by Samsung but I am going take a look at the Korean Disk.
    Tandy -
    Chicony I have Windows 3.1 (Chicony OEM) (German) IDK if it is different from the other German OEM Version
    Computer Logic
    Gateway -
    Compaq - I have the English Win3.1 by Compaq
    GRiD is the same as Tandy I think
    IBM - For IBM I found a Thinkpad OS2 and Win31 Recovery Disc

    Those that have a - I have found most the Utilities, Software, and Install Disk from those Vendors, for the others I still haven't found anything specific, although I do have the HP and HP Vectra OEM versions of Windows 3.1 I haven't found anything else from HP related to Windows 3.1 except for some drivers.. "I want the Samsung Utilities for Windows 3.1" I wish I could find them.

    I am also looking for Win31 versions and Software from the Win3.0 Vendors if they exist.
    Creative Labs
    Epson it seems Epson had Windows 3.1 and Pen Windows 1.1 in Japan but although I have copy's of their OEM install Disk I can't extract them as they are in a fdi format whatever that is. I just noticed that Winworld has the Nec PC-9801 Epson Oem Disk..

    Edit: I also found Windows 2.10-286 by Atari.. I am going upload it all somewhere once I get through searching for stuff.

  • Thanks, we do archive vendor specific Windows releases here, but often such utilities were only included with pre-installs or provided on separate driver disks.
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