Name changes are going to be disallowed



  • And what to do if I'll decide to change it someday? Can I ask Q to do that?
  • Ask an admin.
  • We aren't gonna make frivolous name changes. If you have a valid understandable reason, then OK, but we locked them for a reason.

  • Hmm... what can be an understandable reason of changing name, for example??
  • Like, you named yourself "TwinTowers234" before 11/9 and afterwards watned to change, that is understandable.

  • Oh, of course... it's understandable... I know what you're talking about... I feel sorry...
  • I just said that to illustrate my point of "Valid reasons". It has to be something that is dictated by external forces and things beyond our control. But just random fixations and the like are not going to merit or warrant a name change.

  • Great! I'm glad it's like this. You can't change your name easily in real life, you shouldn't be able to here.
  • Q wrote:

    N i B was some song that IBM listened to.


    Don't forgot IBM's other name... "Failure President" or something like that..
  • That was just a joke.

    NIB does not stand for Nativity In Black or Name in Blood BTW, Ronnie James Dio made that up in the 80s, Nativity In Black was a tribute album and Name In blood is a rumor.
  • What the hell.... is with the rank and avatar?
  • Eternal Idol - Some album with Ian Gillan which I really hate but I wasnt allowed to have dehumizor.

    I got no idea about the avatar, Winboy sent me 2 dacing hitlers and that for no aparent reason, you can ask him what it is.
  • Arrg! What IS it with you 2 and dancing Hitlers/Jesuses?

  • IM NOT THE ONE WHO GOT THEM!!!. HE just sent me them for NO reason.
  • got some 'splaining to do

    devilwhoutacas25: got no clue
    devilwhoutacas25: winboy just sent me a few GIF's and it was hilariuos
    Calmirafan: where did thou obtaineth of thy banana man
    Calmirafan: lol
    Calmirafan: he got them from me
    Calmirafan: ^_^
    devilwhoutacas25: lol
    devilwhoutacas25: dick man
    Calmirafan: dancing hitler?
    devilwhoutacas25: wanna see?
    Calmirafan: i have seen
    devilwhoutacas25: lol
    devilwhoutacas25: where the hell does he find this shit
    Calmirafan: eh?
    Calmirafan: the banana man?
    devilwhoutacas25: no the hitlers
    devilwhoutacas25: who spends time making daning hitlers
    Calmirafan: i sent him some hitlers
    devilwhoutacas25: where the hell did you get them?
    Calmirafan: which i got from a site roger sent me
    devilwhoutacas25: where did he get them from?

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