HOW IN HELL DO I SET A DRIvE AS SLAVE!!!!!!!?????????????

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  • Calm down.

    Look on the part of the drive where the power and data connectors are, you will probably see jumpers or shunts. Look elsewhere on the drive for a diagram of them that explains the positionings

    And what make/model drive is it?

  • set it to cable select and let the bios do the work
  • That's easy. There is a label on harddrive that describes what jumper position is for slave, master, cable select... etc... If there is no label, try to set the jumpers to this or that position...try all positions before you get it right (not recommended)
  • ODD! On the drive, there's a diagram that sais how to position the jumpers/shunts. But there are no jumpers/shunts... M'kay...
    This is an old 210 Mb Conner drive. I bought it in Poland this summer and when came home I wanted to see what's on that drive. there was... a Polish version of Ms-Dos 3! lol
  • some drives have the jumpers on the bottom
  • O NOO!!! A Conner 210! Fish and I used to HATE dealing with them!

    Look on the back of it, that is, the side opposite the one with the connectors on it, that's where I find the jumpers.

    Poland, Polish DOS 3... WoW, I'm getting jealous of Europe...

  • Q wrote:
    Poland, Polish DOS 3... WoW, I'm getting jealous of Europe...

    finally lol
  • :ot:!!!

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    OK, the problem is that the picture and the jumpers don't match... It looks pretty much like this:
    [:][:]: ::::.
    where the two [:] are plastic thingies. The whole thing looks like you colud connect something there.
  • if you got the drive's model no. you could try looking them up on the net...
  • Ok, I took off the plastic thingies and Now reboot...
  • OK, it worked, but another problem is added: On the disk Ihave MS-DOS 6.2 and win 3.1 installed which shouldn't take to much space... but, there's a file called "386SPART.PAR" which takes up 182 MB! Whata hell?
  • 386SPART.PAR is the Windows 3.xx swapfile. Start Windows, and change the size in the control panel.

  • Thanks. How big should it be?
  • How much memory do you want Windows to have?

    Memory = 386SPART.PAR (Swapfile) + Installed RAM.

  • I gave it: "Nothing"...
  • Try to take off first plastic thing and to leave second. That will set it as a slave.
  • I took off both and it worked fine.
  • a good size for a swapfile is 1 and 1/2 times your ram so if you got 16mb ram 24mb for swap file
  • Sometimes it is probably better to make it larger.
  • yeah mines like 768mb lol
  • Lets clear a few things up here, it's not good to set your swapfile to zero. Why? Say you have 16MB, if you run a few programs, you could easily use all that up and Windows can't take any hard drive space and use it as "virtual memory". But if you have a small hard drive, then its alright to lower it.
  • Once mine was 1Gb, and it was far better than 128-256.... I think because I have only 256Mb of RAM.
  • Mine is 384MB and I got 512MB of RAM
  • Conner is a budget Seagate drive, at are diagrams of all Seagate/conner drives ever built.
  • They are NOW, but back when they made 210s and such they were an independant company and sucked.

  • i got a conner drive that went bad somewhere. i took the top off to use as an example on how hard drives work.
  • I've never asjusted swap in XP, where's the option?

    [Glad Warp's not here, because I could imagine what'd he do to me for asking that]
  • My Comp Properties > Advanced > Performace, 2nd tab. If I remember right.

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