HOW IN HELL DO I SET A DRIvE AS SLAVE!!!!!!!?????????????



  • If you have 512Mb or 1024, you can also try to tweak Windows that it will leave everything in RAM, using a swap file when needed.
  • Topher wrote:
    i got a conner drive that went bad somewhere. i took the top off to use as an example on how hard drives work.

    :D Thats what I like to do if I can get the top off, damn hex screws are always different from mine (metric/american) Most likely metric because I see Singapore is a larage part.
  • On the Laptop have a 1 gb page file
    On the Worstation I have a 16 mb page file. ( I need all the space I can get.)
  • Now I have 768Mb of pagefile and 256 mb of RAM... it's an ideal combination, in my opinion..
  • i got 128MB ram and 1GB page file
  • Wow, lets put it this way. Too much swap space lowers performance, too little makes windows run out of free RAM. I have 640MB. and I think 960MB swap. You should always use exactly 1.5x your RAM as your swap. Thats what windows defaults to even.
  • Damn! You mean that I should set its size to 384Mb?
  • That's the plan :-)
  • i think ill leave it as it is
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