The most stupid questions you've ever been asked



  • lol. 20.00 GBP = 36.5944 USD
  • so $37 then
  • Not bad. I should have done that instead of scrapping some systems like that. Does it have any bids on it?
  • dunno didn't look
  • Oh, OK. Maybe someone would buy it, lol.
  • The old lady across the road from me frequently wants me to help her with her PC. She called me over once and said she was having trouble with her printer so she showed me how she was trying to set it up on her computer and got to the end and clicked Print. It came back with the message that there was no paper in the printer. She said "I know that's a lie, just look at all the paper I've got in there." I told her that was the only thing Windows{98se} knew to say when it couldn't print.
    I started tracing the wires from the computer to the printer and when I got to the printer the cable was just laying there without a connector, just the cut off wire. I said here's the problem, it won't work without the connector and she said, I swear, "Yes it does, you just have to lay it close to where it would connect." I said "No it won't." and she said "Well it used to."
  • Hmmmm... could it have, one time?
  • LOL, thats just stupid
  • Well, you have to give her credit for using technology, despite being older.
  • But its funny
  • Yea, it is!

    Nonetheless, most indepth computer users are male and not older, so she broke two usual characteristics.
  • Macintosh!
  • That was... random.
  • I mean get a Macintosh
  • Oh. For the non stereotypical PC user?

    Most mac users are kind of odd. (No offense, Q)

    My friend's family is kind of a mactard family, and you can go "Yea.... they're Macintosh users". Same with my other friend who supposedly got one of those insane G5 dual things.
  • LOL, Dual G5's suck. Most Macintosh users are idiots.

    They GET a dual 2GHz G5 when all they do is check they're email.
  • Yea. He claims he does recording shit, but I know it's probably just a clip on mic and shit that can be done with MS "Sound Recorder".
  • LOL, sound recording....Well you could do that on a 66MHz!
  • He says he has a "recording studio". Yea, my ass, again, I bet it's just a clip on Mic and $5 computer show speakers.
  • Yeah...thats possible!

    remember! pepole used 66MHz to record albums in back in 1994!
  • He's such a moron. It costed like 5 grand. Remember that awesome Athlon 3000+ system I posted? It costed only $500. He could have had 10 of them for that price. You could fucking run a nuclear power plant of that processing power!
  • Becuase its how the market works!

    less people buy MAcintosh's, so they gotta raise thier prices
  • Well, I think less and less people should buy Mac's, therefore eliminating them!

    It's a fucking waste, they don't deserve to charge that much for them. I feel bad for the people who pump that much money into them.
  • Yeah, well, its like 5K for an eMac then you gotta get the mouse, keyboard, speakers, etc.
  • The monitors on a lot of new Macs are nice, I have to say that.
  • Bah, LCD's suck for desktops.

    Macintoshs are like overpriced shitty cars.

    They get you from point A to B, but thats all they can do, plus they look shitty, and they're overpriced
  • I like LCD's. I'd like some of my own, in fact.
  • Macs, like RISCOS machines and Amiga setups, are becoming a niche market, and thus will ikely always be around.

  • They've been 'Just about dead' for the past 5 to 7 years.

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