The most stupid questions you've ever been asked



  • Yeah, but who wants Macintoshs
  • Enough people to keep them in buissines.

  • You'd have to ask them that.

  • Probly mactards
  • Whatever the reason, they do and they continue to keep Apple Computer Corporation solvent.

  • Wow, alot of dumb people
  • That's subjective.

  • It's objective that that's a forum circle! :-) Not that I haven't had my share of them today!

    They'll always be around, Q is right, they're a niche market.
  • Wow, me and Q forum circle
  • LOL. And then I split it up. :-) Yay!
  • LOL. This is the beginning of another one between you and me, Warp! Someone, break it up!
  • The only reasons people still buy macs is cos them stupid interior designer type people tell people that they are stylish.
    and thats the reason why they still have a job anyways cos they're probably getting paid by apple itself...
    what the fuck is the point though the amount of software for macs is non existant compared with windows or linux. and as for games...
    enough said really.....
    they're shit!
  • Well duh LOL

    I could imagine a gay person and Bill Gates using a Macintosh
  • Well duh LOL

    wtf d'yu mean well duh?
  • That macintoshs suck. You can adk anyone on the forum except Q
  • what about tv companies?
    everytime someone uses a computer on tv or in a film its always a mac!
    must be some stupid advertising this they have going on with the BBC and pinewood.....
  • becuase M$ will sue if they use Windows.

    PS: Most of the time in older movies, its always on some fake GUI that looks like MacOS, or Terminals.

    I seen windows 3.11 on the X-Files, guess Fox had to pay alot to do that
  • Look, whether or not you like them, other people will and will pay good money for them.

  • I think Q is right.
  • LOL

    a Macintosh user:

    "well, I need a powerfull PC"
    "Hmm.... $5000, This HAVe to be powerfull"
  • yeh, macs are like the gay persons or designers kind of computer.
  • or people who don't know shit and just buy them cos they're there
  • Whether it's just boredom or sour grapes, deriding Macs and the people who use them isn't going to change anything.

  • Don't think that Macs sucks. They're a lot more powerful in graphics and MMedia than PCs.
  • The thing i wonder is that a Mac is just a computer! It just has a colorful outside, and a different processor typE! A normal PC can do most anything better that a Mac .. like price, a normal PC has a better price. And I have something to say about Mac and their 64-Bit stuff, Hasn't there been a 64-Bit computer avalible for home users? I think so, and Linux has supported 64 bit for some time. And Windows XP has 634-Bit compatibility. So I dont think that a Mac is the first computer to be 64-Bit.

    Sorry If this is alot, but I wanted to get it all out. And sorry if I offend some people.
  • Well, no, Sun has had 64Bit machines and DEC a 64Bit OS for AGES. Noones saying it's the 1st.

  • I thought on TV they said something about 64-Bit macs and being the 1st of something.
    I knew I saw something about it on Apple's Website a while back.
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