Russin Winworld server???

Me and FishNET found out that there is a Russin WinWorld server.

"The Russian Division of WinWorld Subterranean."

Heres the address,

They have been stealing bandwidth from FishNET and using the WinWorld name. What should we do? I have a email ready to go that states that following (Its in russin and english)

Привет, я - один из Администраторов для WinWorld и меня, и немногие другие узнали, что Вы приняли гостей

за файлами и брали кредит от нас. Мы не имеем Russin distro Winworld или не хотим Russin Distro.

Пожалуйста прекратите принимать гостей за нашими файлами от наших серверов и закройте ваш сервер.

Вы должны из спрошенных перед ломкой(нарушением) авторского права названия(имени) Winworlds и для того,

чтобы украсть нашу полосу пропускания.

Hello, I am one of the Administrators for WinWorld and me and a few others have found out you have been

hosting files and taking credit from us. We do not have a Russin distro of Winworld or do not want a

Russin Distro. Please stop hosting our files from our servers and shut down your server.

You should of asked before breaking the copyright of Winworlds name and for stealing our bandwidth.


  • Strange, why would somebody create a site that is pretending to be affliated with another site, and links to it, and says is a division of?

    What would be his reason to do so?
    Let's just await the reply of that e-mail
    (Do you speak russian TCPmeta? wow.. :shock: )
  • For some reason I think me and Q were talking about this once... but I dont have the logs on AIM to check... But my log shows this sites using ALOTTA the downloads..

    TCPMeta hasnt sent the email... he just made it in case we DO send one...

    We need to see what Q and DuffDude say...
  • Nobody do anything yet. As the web host I'm kinda obligated to stop the leeching, so I sent a letter... lets see where it goes from there. If they dont stop, then everyone can email them :twisted:


    According to the WinWorld web server logs, you are remote linking to WinWorld's downloads. As the owner of Fish Networks (the WinWorld web host) I am obligated to notify you that you have three (3)days to remove the links to the downloads on the offending pages:

    WinWorld uses Fish Networks for hosting, and you are wasting their bandwidth. Fish Networks does NOT tollerate this and will take all nessicary acton to have the offending links removed from your website. Failure to take down the linkswithin three (3) days will result in notification to your webhost and ISP.

    If you do not change it, Fish Networks WILL see it in the log like this (taken from todays log) - - [05/Apr/2004:12:46:27 -0400] "GET /winworld/bootdisks/w98se.rar HTTP/1.1" 404 228 ""; "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows 98)"

    With the referring URL being yours, we will easily know that you are not complying, and WILL notify your ISP. You have three (3) days.

    Please email me with the way that you resolve the problem.

    Tim Belling
    Fish Networks owner / Administrator
  • QQ
    edited May 2004
    Yes, Fish and I talked aobut this.

    Yes I knew about it (I discovered it 1st, I beleive, but don't really know)

    I'm willing to let them translate us into Russian or something (TCP, I wasn't aware that you were an Administ of WinW?).

    I had him take down his Windows 2000 and 2003 downloads.

  • Nah, I'm not a admin for WinWold but I do host some files on my server.

    I don't speak russin, I used a translator Its not 100% correct but it gets the point. I can speak german though.
  • i say we all dos that russin winworld server!
  • Hehheh... sounds like a good idea to me!
  • Hehheh... sounds like a good idea to me!

    thats what i like to do. i like to dos people. hence the name, dr. ping!
  • I can always get my buddy of mine that can get a hold of some rack servers and ping the hell out of it. OC12 connection too.
  • TCPMeta wrote:
    I can always get my buddy of mine that can get a hold of some rack servers and ping the hell out of it. OC12 connection too.

    do that, mabye teach those soviets a lesson! dont mess w/ winworld!
  • Let's not start an international incedent. If we have to resort to drastic measures, it'll be at the bitter end.

    Start with the letters.

    This is my idea of one:


    Unfortunately, many server administrators have beceome vocal in their disapproval of your remote linking our files. If you want to translate our pages into Russian you are welcome, just Email WinWorld and we will start a negotation. In the mean time, please stop remote linking to us.


    -WinWorld Staff


    Notes on TCPs letter:

    It's 'Russian'

    It's not called a 'Distro'.

    We DO want multilingual WinWorlds, but patterned after our own.
  • I don't know if you've done this already or not, but you should change the directory of these downloads and have them password protected. I see the Russian website is still directly linking to the files.

    It's unfair to take credit for something that doesn't belong to them. If they want, they should either put a link to this website or host the files themselves.

    By the way, how did you find out about the Russian website? Did they not contact you first? Also have they replied to your email?

    I don't even see any link from the WinWorld website. It doesn't make sense to even mention affiliation unless they've tried to make contact.

    Anyways, hope this will get resolved. Good luck
  • Heh... I posted that in another thrread a few minutes ago.. guess I should hit this one too...
    FishNET wrote:
    WE've decided that we'll just change the directory the downloads are in periodically, like when we notice a leech, we'll change it to /OSes instead of /OS... All of them and the DNSes changed the other day, which is keeping us leech free for the tme being.

    All download files that were being leeched no longer work for that guy, when he changes his links, we'll change filenames again, like Wndows_95 instead of Windows95... or change the directory of the filez.
  • That's pretty beat to hotlink other people's files than proceed to use the same site name.

    Even if it's in another country, it don't matter. Once someone has a name for a site, then no one should be able to use it.
  • Ok, so we changed ALOT of our DNSes and filenames... he just relinked. (fail) Ive emailed his webhost... since its a free host it should be easy to take care of, just like winplanet. But if all else fails, we can just block that site from our routers and instead of downloads showing up, they'll get a "BLOCKED!" error... mine says somethng like "Blocked by NetGear" in HUGE text... Which would be great to see all over his downloads :)
  • I take it he hasn't emailed you back.

    Wow what a LEECH!

    Don't take any chances Fish, if he don't wanna cooperate, block his site.
  • Well, he hasnt, but ~95% of his links dont work. I changed ALL the filenames on my server, K6Fish, and 'CC', the h4x0r3d one still hasnt been leeched off of, and Q got a new DNS... only the files on TCPMeta are still being leeched, but theyre non-exstant rght now hahahaha...


    We will now be implimenting anti-leech scripts on the servers so that no sites other than WinWorld can use the downloadable files. This'll show him!
  • Smart move Fish. We shoulda thought of that from the beginning instead of going through the trouble of renaming files...etc.
  • I decided i would do some investigation

    I went on their site and when i saw "winworld" in their news i copied and pasted it into a free translator, now although it sounds a bit akward (and funny) it gets the point accross

    In connection with that WinWorld gradually pass to a new hosting, the some people zakachki temporarily did not work. Still the some people zakachki are on an old server, others ? already on new. And the most part ? it is simple anywhere ? If suddenly something does not shake, try in some days. Some references so their some part now works are corrected.
  • i decided to voice my complaints on their site, since i too, was being leeched from and it really pissed me off since i said only winworld could use my bandwidth, which is so very precious to me

    look at my submission below

    Дата: 20.04.2004 21:36
    От кого: Господин Clean
    Заголовок: воровство Интернета

    Привет к Slash,
    Although you may believe that you are the Russian Division of WinWorld, this makes little difference to me at the momment. I gave the English Division of WinWorld sole permission to have webspace on my server (, I said that they may only have it in their downloads page. I don't care if your site is leeching or not, but it is not permitted to link to my website. Disband all links to my server by Friday or more drastic meassures will be taken.


    K6Fish.NET Webmaster | Господин Clean
  • The antileeching scripts don't want to work.


    PS. I'm going to do the renaming buissiness
  • he doesnt seem to be taking me seriously

    so i threatened him
  • I have decided to join in the fight...
    Below you will find what I put in their guestbook.
    You are in no way related to or helping WinWorld. I am one of the most prominent non-staff members of WinWorld and would like you to stop.

    You are a leach, nothing more.

    You receieved no authorization for this so called trasnlation. It is unlawful and strikes against our Copyright.

    Please cease and desist.

    Platinum Member of Winworld

    If you go the link MrC mentioned above, you'll see that my post has the subject line of "...". This is because I couldn't decipher the Russian as to where to put a subject line.
  • OK, after we changed ALL the download links, he got tred of it and linked DIRECTLY to ... an/os.html

    So heres the question... should I change that page to one saying hes leeching? Or should I make it redirect to WinWorld's main page? currently it goes to a page saying that it was a leeched file, then the WinWorld address......
  • I notice someone bombed Slash's excuse for a 'message board'.

    I propose that if someone wants to link to us, they can link to the main page and provide directions (Although it seems rather self evident). If we give people like Slash an inch (Allowing linking to nonmain pages), they'll take a mile (All the downloads).

    Slash just posted this as news:
    Slashfuque wrote:
    At long last! I bring apologies in the inoperative 10 days of reference, now everything excellently works!!! If once something of nedokachali, then now time itself!! You go and rock!

    He really doesn't want to admit that he's getting slowly sunk.


    PS. I think that Russian for 'download' is translated as 'rock'
  • (wrong)

    Yeah, whereas he linked directly to our page, is just getting us more hits, since I made it tell people to GO to our main page.... :)
  • Hello people!!
  • Well well well... it appears to be a 56K line that "Slash: is on. He uses Windows XP and Opera AND FireFox as his browser. Ironically enough, the IP's rDNS is SHORT! compared to mine...

    -Access along the commutated channel at the speed to 56 k
    -Large quantity of the simultaneous connections

    (On his ISP's site)

    Now, HOW MANY connections CAN a 7KB/sec max line take? ONE! Not a large quantity. Even my ~200KB/sec cant take more than a few.

    Now we know why he leeches, because he only has 56K.

    EDIT: It looks like they DO offer high speed... " High-speed access to the network the Internet"

    But they dont tell you the speed... so you just know its lke, a 144Kbps DSL line LOL!
  • Hi Slash.

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