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I've been thinking for a while of making a CD with all the OSes and perhaps all the other stuff from WinWorld. I suppose I should get approval from you guys and the size of all the OSes, uncompressed (i.e. in their .ISO or whatever form) first. So, what do you think?


  • There's nothing to stop you (Except the size of some of the OSes)...

  • didnt somebody alredy suggest this....?
  • I beleive that they suggested we do it and offer it for download. I think they got vetoed on size and usefullness constraints.

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  • well, considering the NTs are big, 98 is about 120MB so yeh, it would have to be someone with a fast connection and a heapload of bandwidht....
  • I dunno...offer everything, but compress the not-popular ones (NT 3.1 hybrids, NT4 terminal, OS/2, etc.) and not put them in the menu. It could save space, short of making 2 CDs (I don't have a DVD burner).
  • lol thats what i was thinking, no single cd could handle all the oses on winworld, not evena double layered cd, but a dvd probably would a double layered one would definatly. ~ Justin
  • An easier way is to make a CD set that:

    You use "CD 1" for the menu, and install of OS' like: Win 1.x-Win 98,

    CD 2 for NT 4, some other OS'
    CD 3: Remaining OS', then Apps
    CD4: Remaining Apps (IDK if we need this one)
  • I think you have no chance to integrate all NT's on 1 CD and make the CD bootable...
  • Slash wrote:
    I think you have no chance to integrate all NT's on 1 CD and make the CD bootable...

    With CDShell, you can boot images - I was thinking to make it boot the NT4 ISOs.
  • there is a 4in1 NT disc and i have a 4in1 2003 disc... so it is possible......
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    Those x-in-1 Windows disks are annoying, they just rip out the i386 directory and make up their own ughly setup with alot of seemingly extraneous other crap. or @ least the couple I've used are like that.

  • Nope. I mean you cannot make a couple of clean WinNT distros on the same CD, in different i386 directories...
    And x-in-1 cd's suck! like Q said they make their own ugly setups...

    And nightice, what is cdshell? and in what way it can be used to make multiboot cd-s...
    Or do you mean that on your CD will be a ton of ISO images and you boot them only from boot CD? That will be even uglier than all theze x-in-1 crap
  • I think it would be the same as the X-in-1 discs. It shows you the menu, when you pick which option it mounts the ISO (instead of runing the setup program)
  • I might skip booting the ISOs and have directories like:

    This way, you can install everything on their own, or boot from the CD and install from there (NT, DOS). Because the really old versions (1.0, 2.0) are hardcoded to look in A:, it would mount the image as A: when booting off of the CD.
  • You could be even more hierarchical[sic]
       \Hybrid S
       \Hybrid 3.5

    And so on.

  • If you want, I have ALL versions of MS-DOS... even rare 2.x 3.x and 4.x ones...
  • Dos doesn't readily install from cd. You'd need to create a batch file that would run sys.com, make a directory on C:, and then copy all the other files to that directory. Plus... the cd would have to be bootable, does this CDShell program use dos at all in making bootable cds? If it did then you wouldn't be able to do anything with other versions of dos.
  • I've figured out how to do it, and I'm surprised I was so stupid to not realize this before. I can use standard El Torito to create a boot image (p'haps TechW0rm?) and mount the CD as W: or something. From there, you can install all of the Windowses. I can even (hopefully) come up with a menu system. (is there a way to restore stuff archived with Win95 backup, without access to a Win95/98/ME computer?) So, I'll put together something with a couple NTs and 9xs to demonstrate.

    Slash - Maybe. If I have space.
  • well, you could make two discs one with the dos line, and one with the NT line. The dos versions wouldn't take up that much space (a little over 4 MB max). I don't know about 95, 98, and ME though... I'd think 95 and 98 would fit (if you use 95's setup folder only, not all those other folders some cds have), I don't think you could get ME to fit though... it does take up a lot of a cd by itself (~500MB)
  • ME wouldn't be on there, since it's not ABW, so that'd shave some space off.

  • yeah good point. But then again.... the NT cd would be rather empty.
  • All the NTs are a ~100MB short of a gig.

  • ... wow... then again, I haven't tested any of the servers or hybrids.
  • Wait...is that in their ISO form?

    I've done some figuring, and realized I don't need *everything*. Since the 95 and 98 full can also do upgrades, I can skip the upgrade versions. For OSR2, I'll use 2.1, nobody really needs IE4. For the NTs, I'll use 3.1, 3.51, and 4. No sense using the hybrids unless they fix something major (i.e. that cant be commented out of DOSNET.INF). So, here's most of the first CD. I'll try to squeeze in at least some of the NTs later.
    Win1/2 - 	12MB
    Win3a - 	5.76MB
    Win31 -		8.64MB
    WFWs - 		20.16MB
    16-Bit -	46.56MB
    95A -		30.6MB
    95B -		78.9MB
    98 -		101.81MB
    98SE -		121MB
    32-Bit DOS -	332.31MB
    Total DOS -	378.87MB
  • All the missing files a drivers for SCSI/RAID setups. The 1 exception is some .INF (I think) file that's related to the user manager.

  • I can fix the missing INF from another copy I have.
  • Exactly what "WindowsNT31WSFullHybrid" is ;) I just took the later missing offender from the NT 3.5 directory and copied it over!

  • Because NT 3.5 and 3.1 are the same product, basically...
  • So, I advice you not to use pure NT3.1WS. Use Hybrid instead...
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