I have an idea...



  • Q wrote:
    One of these days I'm gonna stick a notpad next to where I sleep so I can write down all the crazzy dreams I get.

    I should do that...then again, maybe people don't want to know what I dream about....my wierdest one so far - eh? It would be stranger if you knew the people involved (read my blog for one of them).
  • I'm using a FreeDOS disk now. It seems to be faster at copying files.
  • Wasnt TCP Going to Attempt this A While ago?
    And Someone on OSBA...........
  • Blink wrote:
    And Someone on OSBA...........
    Yes, but he's doing *every* *damn* *release* *ever* of Windows. I'm making it a lot simpler.
  • cool. Tell us when you get done.

    I could use a disc with Windows 3.1/DOS, Windows 95, 98 SE, and maybe some of the NT's on it (NT 4, and/or 2000)
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