WTF? My site... Can someone help explain...

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ok, so I have a site along with many of us here, anyways, when I was jsut connecting to the internet, I type in and there is no page there, so I think, maybe justa bug. So I type in, same thing, and so on for the rest of TCH, anyways, what do you guys think what happened?


  • Object not found!

    The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

    If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster

    Error 404
    Thu Nov 4 15:55:08 2004
    Apache/2.0.40 (Red Hat Linux

    somethings not right,......
  • The web site you were trying to access was not located on this web hosting network. That means that the site you were trying to reach may be been suspended or deleted for TOS violations or may not have ever existed.

    Looks like it's going from bad to worse.

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    You were owned, whether by your webhost or someone outside.
  • it looks like al your pages were delted or something
  • Now, I cannot get FTP access, my Plesk admin panel's password was cracked (it was over 28 characters long!)

    Geez, now I got to get something with, I think that I should get my acct canceled, and move to another host. (maybe)

    It wouldn';t suprise me if my email acct w/ clubhost went down.
  • that is possibly the error on your apache.
  • I think the origional might be, but now his DNS has been removed so it looks alot like "" doesn't like him so killed his account and all within.

  • TOS violations.... hmm did you talk about like abandone ware or do anything aginst it? can you email them maybe and ask why your accoutn had been deleted? if someone did hack into your account and deleted everything, you could mayeb explain that to the host... i'm sure they keep backups
  • Well, I didn't talk ABW on it, I didn't host ABW.. Lemme do a long read of TOS again (not a skim) maybe I missed something when I first went through it?
  • What WAS on it? Anything that might usually get an account cancelled? And how long since you'd used it? Maybe it got killed for inactivity.

  • D O H !

    I think my webhost deleted it because of that stupid link referal thing! D@MN IT!

    I doubt my webhost will let me appoligise (how am I supposed to know that for like 3 months?)
  • That sux. Why not host yourself?
  • I am on dialup, when I get DSL, I will host my site, and a Public FTP, and maybe email, but for now...
  • OK... let me help you out. If you want a good web host (for free), visit and sign up there temporarily. All information about this host is described on their main page....
  • trainer4, space is skimpy, but the php/perl/cgibin/mysql in a FREE package, nice!

    BTW post in the other fourms too. Go into Random Crap too!
  • Wow, thanks trainer4!
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