Microsoft Office 4.3

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What is the difference between the old (before being fixed) Microsoft Office 4.3 (the 31 disks version, 41.6 MB file size) and the new (fixed) Microsoft Office 4.3 (the 24 disks version, 37.8 MB file size)?


  • Back when Office 4.3 came out, alot of people had 720Kb 3.5" diskdrives, and some people had the new 1.44MB diskdrives; the same was as many people have Windows 9x today, but others have NT kernel Windowses (Or if you are a Mac user, many people still have System 9, but many also have OS 10).

    As a result MS distributed Office (and almost all their other apps/OSes) in 2 disksets: a larger one for the smaller diskdrives, or a smaller diskset for the bigger capacity drives (EG. 40 for the 720K disks, but maybe only 20 for the 1.44MB disks)

    The old archive was based on the 720K diskset, but a file or 2 was corrupted and we didn't know it, we then mixed the 2 disksets and REALLY screwed it up. The new archive is based solely on the 1.44MB diskset and should work fine. The downside is that it's MUCH more difficult to use on machines that only have 720K diskdrives :(.

  • Whoa... I didn't know that. I thought they only distributed MS Office 4.3 on 3.5" disks.

    I learn something new everyday.
  • They did, but there are 2 kinds of 3
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