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i'm to lazy to talk about it here so read: ... an09.shtml

thats gonna kick ass


  • DUDE, IBM already came out with those! a LONG time ago.
  • Yeah, and they SUCKED,...
  • 800x400 on a 5 inch screen?

    Damn, it WILL give you a big headache you stare at that for 5 minutes...
  • Like I said... 'suck'
  • Why? Isn't a laptop good enough?
  • Hrm...the resolution SUCKS, the fact that the keys are smaller than a laptops really SUCKS, software is loaded through a USB port...not terrible but kinda sucks, external drives needed really really sucks, I have only seen floppy drives powered by USB, I doubt there are external cd-rom drives that are....well it's a nice idea, but too much suckiness for me to buy, and the price isn't that low....
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