N0rt0n 2oo4...

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Not only does it have (cr)activation, and a godawful colour scheme, but it screwes on uninstall!

Here's what happened:

For NO reason, Live Update stopped working, saying that there was an internal prorgam error,

So I go to uninstall and discover that it dropped 3 apps to the hard disk:



and Norton 2004.

LiveReg is needed by NAV04, so I uninstall LU, but that doesn't work so I try N0rt0n. It says that LU uninstall is still running! So I kill every proccess and stop every svc that has ANYTHING to do with this miserable company.

NOW LU uninstalls... and restarts WITH NO WARNING!

Now I get back into Windows after the restart...and uninstall N0rt0n. It works!... sortof, the uninstaller looks like this:


Now it's uninstalled and LiveReg goes without a hitch. But the NAV entry is still in Add/Remove programs (doesn't work), and all the N0rt0n svcs are still there!

Looks like I've fuqued another Windows installation



  • And it really slows down your computer... All those Cleansweep and password manager crap takes ages to start up, and it uses a buttload of RAM!
  • I havn't had a problem with it, before I had it on my server and used it across the network and scan the systems. Ofcorse I have a buttload of ram on that server, almost 1GB of ram (915MBs).
  • My laptop had it (courtesy of Dell) and it worked fine, but since I reformatted it I'll have to use Norton from another source now. It never was that bad, but the e-mail scanner never worked after the first week or so. -_-
  • My NAV 2003 works fine, no problems ever... but ever since I disabled TONS of services I didnt THINK I needed... ts automatic live-update doesnt work.. so I need to manually update... Then when I enabled the ones I disabled... it STILL didnt work! So I decided to just update manually from now on...
  • man i coudlnt find a good crack for it all of them were useless and fucked up....
  • HeH! Mine is great! You actually activate it (Not bypass it) AND it lets you get updates until 2029!

  • Do you like set ur Date in like 3yrs ahead then install it then set the date normal? cos i installed it when my date was 1995 then i changed it to 2004 and my subsriptionhad expired, i hadn't connected to the internet on my machine so i dunno if that method worked...
  • I've got a LiveUpdate that runs until 2029 :cool: I didn't have to do anything with the dates, I did have to go offline for I bit though.

  • I'm living on the edge, no Anti-Virus software installed :eek:
  • I did that for a while.

    It's not as bad as ppl make it out to be.

    The ppl who should 'ALWAYS use an AV and update it regularly' are ppl who'se systems come into contact with newbies.

  • OK, for a LONG time I didnt have one, then I got blaster... that was the end of me not having anti-virus!
  • I formatted my system yesterday, And I'm going to install norton AV2004 after I finished installing Office XP.
  • who has norton anitvirus..i need a copy
  • 90 % of us :P
  • I think I'll buy NOD32

  • What's NOD32?
  • I have NAV2004 now! Just installed it 3days ago.
  • http://nod32.com/ - Best AV ever.

  • I have Norton Systemworks 2k4. No need for registration, but updates work perfectly. I only installed AV, because cleansweep sucks, and who the hell needs password manager and all the other shit?
  • I have the 5 in 1 norton CD. It comes with all sorts of norton programs.

    Av Pro
  • I don't use Norton Antivirus. It is really buggy and slow and... it sucks! The greatest thing I've ever seen is Kaspersky Antivir (KAV). I use only it!
  • I don't have a AV installed. I go on the PC Chillin website time to time and run there free online AV to scan my drives and if it finds a Virus I remove it manualy.
  • TCP... that's what I do too to my P2 since it can't install NAV. The HDD is only like 3 Gigs.
  • I tried Kaspersky, the 1 great thing about it in my mind is that it scans ADS. I don't think any others do that.

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