Today / Yesterday is back...

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Yea the worlds so boring and all, I figured I could waste some time reinstalling everyones second favorite mod, second to QuickReply.

Have fun.


  • Thanks very much FishNET3000.
    I hope you didn't have to waste too much time on it but
    it is one of the most helpful things you've had and it keeps
    me current without having to know what day it is.

  • omg thank you!!!!!! w00t!!!!!!!! i love this mod! that and quick reply and a must have for any forum.... not even BSF had the today/yesterday thing.....
  • well done fish!
    at least now i won't get confused by all those dates... ARGH!!
  • yay, all we need now is a tommorow mod LOL
  • ok....... exactly how would that work? it posts somthign a day before the person would post it? and marks it as tommorrow?

  • Slash, for example. He's 11 hours ahead of me. He posts something at 1 AM, I see it at 12 PM the previous day. It can rightfully say "tomorrow."
  • wtf? i say it as a joke and sum1 comes up with a legitmate reason LMAO
  • said it as a joke?
  • Yay. I don't even read the today thing tho...
  • Thank God!
    Im Too Spaced out to Remember the Date.
  • "Woot"! Now I can easily see what I've missed when phpBB decides to tell me that everythings been read!

  • Thanks. I was always paying attention to that words.
    And that is easier to browse the forum now!

    Now waiting when ranks (prasiodymum member and so on...) will be back.
  • they will never be back
  • Huh?
    I think they were pretty cool. Every forum should have member ranks... shouldn't it?
  • this is a computer forum. You need something like CPU related ranks.

    likes post count = MHz then go by what CPU that would be...

    Of course, it would need some judgement, cpu speeds overlap each out, (ie 100mhz 486, 90mhz pentium)
  • hm... why not computer parts, from not really needed to really needed?

    You know.. a floppy drive can be like posts up to 25... then cdrom drive into up to 50, ....... and like motherboard 10,000?
  • Would be nice.
    Heh... Slash - Central Processing Unit...
    Pretty good then.
  • member ranks just make people wanna post more crap just to get the next one
  • @least that's happened in the past. NN being infamous for it...

  • NN? NoNothing?
    I think you should make the ranks again cuz NoNothing isn't here anymore...
  • He wasn't the only one who did it, I seem to remember there were others...

  • Oh maybe... but can't you see that situation didn't get any better since you removed ranks..?
  • Yeah there is still even more crap than before LOL
  • Slash wrote:
    Oh maybe... but can't you see that situation didn't get any better since you removed ranks..?

    Who cares, now people can choose their ranks
  • Alright, that is kinda good medium here.
  • We can? How? Or is that the things like "The Man from Omsk" etc, etc?

  • custom ranks are better... its fine the way it is.
  • If only you can make that user can change their ranks in profile... like Tomchu did on his forum...
  • thats a mod

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