Text based offline RPGs for pc

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has anyone got any Text based offline RPGs for pc, for msdos preferably, but based in ascii like the letter E might represent a ladder not the type like "you walk into a room: A=look B=pickup" etc etc


  • hah... that would be a strange find... if someone gets one I want to see what it's like.
  • oh nethack, i have that.
  • There was Rogue, but all of them that I've found are online versions. Also, I have some of the old text adventures from Activision, but those are just text.

  • All-text games are some of the best.
  • Well.. a text based MMORPG I used to play hardcore was called AstroNest. Anyone play that game? I loved it tremendously. After a little while the american servers shut down, so someone created a translator and we all flocked to the korean servers. Shortly after they closed as well. Aparently they have a new game called AstroN, but it isn't a text based game (it was 180MB last time I checked.... hope that isn't all text), and it's in full korean, and I can't get it to play as it requires the website too for something (no, do not suggest babelfish or any other online translation, most of the site's words are images).
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