DirectX 3.0a

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Can I request DirectX 3.0a?

DirectX 3.0a is the last version of DirectX available for Windows NT 4.0. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't provide it (and support for it) anymore.

Thank you in advance.


  • We don't have that immediately on hand, but we will search for it.



    PS. I will post when we have found it
  • I am sorry for interrupting your search, but after looking for a while, I have found what I am looking for (DirectX 3.0a). I have also found unofficial version of DirectX 5 that can be installed on Windows NT 4.0 (Actually, official DirectX 5 can only be installed in Windows 95 and later versions).

    DirectX 3.0a (the last official version of DirectX supported under Windows NT 4.0) can be downloaded from the following URL:
    - (6130 KB)

    Unofficial DirectX 5 for Windows NT 4.0 can be downloaded from the following URL:
    - (2143 KB)
    With unofficial version of DirectX 5, it is said that you can play many games you can't previously play (with DirectX 3.0a).

    I think these would be a great addition for Windows NT 4.0, which is already provided in your site, and therefore I recommend you to add these downloads to your site.

    Thank you.
  • Thanks for the links "dot", DirectX 3.0a and unoffical 5 will be added during the next update.
  • Thanks for the info!

    We've added both to the apps section.

  • I have DirectX 5. It can be installed on Windows 95 (I didn`t tried to install it on Windows NT). If you need it, please write.
  • Alright, why not?

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