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Is it me or is it that the Pentium 3 1.4 GHz is more expensive than a Pentium 4? I saw it on


  • Theyre more expensive,m but better... but hell dont even use Intel... go AMD...
  • Err... how are they better?
  • What, AMD? Well, more pipelines, more cache, and they cost less... The server your using for this forum is an AMD Duron... 1.4GHz with 512MB RAM...
  • Yeah I know that. But I was talking about the Pentium 3. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I once had an AMD. Died in 2 years though.
  • Ah.... P3s have WAY more cache than P4s... WAY more... P4s have like 8K L1 and 32K L2, where P3s havelike 128K L1 and 512K L2
  • Then I wonder why Intel stop supporting it... a mystery?
  • I thought Pentium 4s have 512kb L2?
  • Im pretty sure it was only like 32K, anyway, i KNOW they only have 8K L1... my AMD has 64K L1 and 64K L2, and its a Duron, so its not the expensive fast AMDs..
  • And check this out too:

    And they say about the P3 Tualatin:
    "but their design focus will be the server market where low-power consumption is desired. "

    Is that another reason?
  • I wonder why those P3s only have 256K L2!!! :-? Slot 1s all have 512KB, which is good... the more cache the better...
  • And they said that the 256kb L2 Cache actually made the P3 even more faster than the 512kb.


    I sometimes don't understand Intel.
  • Exactly... The more cache the faster.... no matter what,,,, thats why my XP uses a large system cache.. it caches server requests, PHP, everything.
  • pentium 4 has this:
    L1 Cache 8Kb...that is kinda strange
    L2 Cache 512Kb...well my p4 is at least large in that area
  • Dunno what my P3's and P4's have... I should look them up sometime.
  • older 2Ghz Pentium 4's have 12K L1 and 256K L2.
  • I've got a P4 1.7, a P4 1.5 or 1.6 (that I screwed up), and a P4 3.06 in my laptop.

    and 2 PIII 550's.

    I should look up the cache sizes sometime.
  • Hey, My mother has a older PC that currently has a VIA (Cryrix) III at 500MHz. The motherboard can support a Pentium III Socket CPU at the max of 900MHz. Can anyone find me a site that is saleing a 900MHz P3 CPU under 80 dollors.
  • Dman intel is overpriced. I though I could get a Pentium II ~600Mhz for under $40, I was wrong.

    Now, AMD K6-III/K7, cheaper than $40 even at 1GHz today
  • P3s are damn expensive.
  • Yes, but they're very good.

    I need to build something good over the summer.
  • I have like 2 P3 cpus lying around somewhere. I think they're both like 550Mhz or something.
  • I gave up on finding a P3 to put in it. I bought a mobo cpu bundle for 100 bucks that is way faster then the 900MHz CPU I was looking for. 2.7GHz Intel Celeron. I hate Intel but the deal was to good to pass up and besides it's not mine.
  • I heard that there are P4-2800 with 1M cache.
  • Hmmm... I thought they were P4-3200 or something like that...I didn't know they had one at 2.8.
  • Damn, TCP, I just found a link., good prices for stuff.

    Some things I dont aggree on is some prices, like $50 for a 1GHz intel. Also the PPro>300 PII overdrives ($40) is a rip.
  • Roger wrote:
    Hmmm... I thought they were P4-3200 or something like that...I didn't know they had one at 2.8.

    Maybe it's the P4 Extreme? Just guessing.
  • Yeah I was thinking of that too.
  • The P4EE is the one with TWO MB L2.... Im pretty sure its 2MB though/...
  • 2Mb cache i think is not needed. It will not be fully used on daily work, only when working with 3DSmax or sth...
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