installing win 95

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I have recently found a way to install win 95 on a laptop without a cd and without having the floppies. Would anyone be interested in how this was done or am I just behind everyone else?


  • i made a mistake... how can you contact me if i don't tell you how to do just that... email me a with the subject, installing win 95 and i will get back with you.
  • if you dont have the floppys how the hell do you install its?
  • Maybe he was just copying the files from hard disk to hard disk?
  • No, you just look at it and it moves (wrong)
  • Hahahahahaha! Very funny! Well at least I found that funny!
  • He probly installed it over a lan or used hard drive to hard drive.
  • i use the interlnk and intersrv program to move the win 95 files to the computer without the cd rom and install from there.
  • Oh, I did that.

    You can also do other solutions like.....
    -LanMan/MS DOS Client using NIC
    -Use Remote Access in WFWG to meka a "DCC"
    -Use Laplink

    For me, I just installed WFWG, PC Card Srvices and NIC Driver and copyed 95 files...Until I deltree'd C: instead of C:\Windows (wated to do clean install, so deleted WFWG)
  • -LanMan/MS DOS Client using NIC
    -Use Remote Access in WFWG to meka a "DCC"
    -Use Laplink

    Thats still called a LAN.
  • A simple question to you ......

    Can I install windows 95 in a PC whit cga video board and a hercules monochrome monitor????
    please, help me !!!..

    Thanks !
  • yes, install win31 with CGA driver then upgrade, actually, I think apon a clean 95 setup you can change it.
  • And if you finished installing win95 with CGA graphics, make a screenshot and post it here LOL :D
  • Hmm, I ran Windows 95 with an EGA monitor for a while, but I've never seen it in CGA.
  • oh, BTW, it will only show up in mono on a CGA monitor, it does this in 3.1 and 3.0 too.
  • Back when I had a lot of old computer parts like 8088 and up I tryed to build a system for hosting a BBS server and it had a CGA video card and I tryed Win3.x and Win95 and I would get a thing saying I needed a VGA or higher. I tryed using a handfull of diffrent CGA cards. I even tryed a EGA and no luck. I gave up on it and found a extra VGA monitor at a garage sell. Was there a switch I forgot or something?
  • your doing something wrong becuase I know 100% that EGA will work.
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