About raDeon's rights.

edited February 2005 in News & Announcements
Since raDeon has used up 2/3 of his chances, the administration will closely be monitoring raDeon's habits.

If we see anything that directly violates the rules from him, then we'll edit/delete his post.

If you feel strongly or not about this, we appreciate efforts you take to help us:

- If you see something from him that's obviously inflammatory, DON'T RESPOND!!
- Instead inform whoever is online of the post and it's link. We'll take care of it and remember it for future reference.


PS: The admins can de-sticky this if they wish. But this is here just to inform members about it.

[Since the vast majority of the regular users seem to be concerned with this, I'm moving it here. If you're a newbie/don't get it, don't worry, it's not about you ::wink Q]

[Desticked, now irrelevant Q]


  • shant this go in news and announcements?
  • yeah the administrations are complete pussies.
  • James Babb wrote:
    shant this go in news and announcements?

    but it seems that most of us go here more. So more people will see it here.
  • I dunno if its important enough. Haha.
  • I think you unban useless assholes like raDeon.... and wise people like IBMWarpster still are banned...
  • IBMWarpster was unbanned a long time ago.
  • What? Who? Where? Really???
    I think I've missed something
  • His user name is 'Steve'.
  • OMG! Steve is IBM! When did you find that out?
  • Common similarites between the two and talks with heiarchy.
  • Slash: This is old now, Radons been rebanned.

  • Really? I don't even think he posted anything. Or was it becuase that riot people were having?
  • He posted like 3 things.

    Anyway I'd strongly suspect that was behind it, but Fish did it so I can't say 100% that was it.

  • Steve, are you IBM?
  • Go Steve!

    I'm still not quite sure what is going on here, but whatever.
  • Wholey Shit! HaH! it's nice to see you again!

    BTW, why admins don't unban your previous account and merge your new posts with old ones?
  • It was a secret internal covert operation done by the WinBoards CIA. At least they don't rub people out, that we know of. The Plebs uncovered it and have now revealed it to the public, though it's not that big of a deal since most people know anyway.

    Do you all have your own highway exit, too? :)
  • It's kindof hard to merge user posts (@least from what I know), he's well established himself under his current name, and he seems to have changed so much from his "IBM" self that he's not anything like what many of those posts were and his general reputation was.


    PS. If that didn't make much sense @ the end, it was because there was a huge break between the beginning and end of that post.

    PPS. Uhh, Fish was behind it all, I didn't even learn exactly that untill the FPT buissiness, and not that he knew about it all till the Rn riot.
  • Slash wrote:
    OMG! Steve is IBM! When did you find that out?

    I knew the whole time, only because IBM said he could be much better, but I said that he'd need a different name, since everyone would complain if he came back on the normal name. It took several months for him to slip up and get noticed, but either way he had made such a major change that noones really complained about it much. The biggest mistake he made was using the same spelling errors now as he did back with the old name.
  • Steve, IBM?
    Whoa...... Information Overload!
  • oh come one it was REALLY obvious
  • I agree, that was obvious... but I still didn't expected that...
  • LoL,
    Hmmm, I Haven't Been Paying Much Attention to WW
    as much as i used to...... prob just slipped past me,
    Eh Warp, Is Steve your real name?
  • Slash wrote:
    I agree, that was obvious... but I still didn't expected that...
    That doesn't make much sense.
  • It makes sense now, but was still surprising to learn?

  • Q wrote:
    It makes sense now, but was still surprising to learn?

  • warp's real name...... so far as i know...... is Dale..... O_O but i seriously didn't notice it.... i mean now that i think about it.... i can remember a few simularities...... but i can't say that i paid attention to warpy's spelling errors..... ahh well.......
  • I think the one that really did it was "Maby", that's classic IBM.

  • For me it was "odviously" on his web page and "odviously" in his sig or somewhere on here. Also the gay and mac hating.

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