Win98 Beta

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Is there anyway you could get Win98 codename I think it was Nashville? Yeah, so can you get it and post it up? I want to entertain myself a bit.


  • I think I have access ot that.. give me a minute..
  • Was that the OS that crashed during that confrence thingy? Or was that Win98 Final?
  • OK, Ive got a video of that... its 98 final, but I think that BSoD was F-A-K-E...


    Is it just me, or didnt 9.x BSoDs take up the full screen...
  • BSOD only takes up fullscreen unless its running on an emulator eg: Bochs, VPC. Yeah I think its a fake.
  • So did you find the Windows Nashville?
  • Exactly....

  • And what's up with that CNN logo. It has a weird character after that last 'N'.
  • Yeah, if you want the full thing, check it out!

    Dont bitch about my slow-ass upload :P
  • Ehhh... Upload is good. Downloaded about 15.1 kb/s. Hehehe... as you can see, I'm not spoiled about my broadband connection... YET, since I've only had it for about 2 months.
  • "That must be why we shouldn't be shipping Windows 98 yet"...

    Bill, you should've never.
  • I PMed you the info for how to get 98 beta...
  • Fish...don't you have a 98 beta, well...if you are takling about that version, it doesn't work even with the timebomb program that was included with it. It continues to say it is expired.
  • Thats not what Ive got, tahts Memphis... Ive got Nashville....
  • Oh ok... guess I didn't see that PM. Thanks Fishnet!
  • Memphis was Codename for 98, Nashville i think is 95 OSR2 or sufin, i have a program i found on every 98 pc in bali that removes the timebomb for Memphis, Labeled 98FIX.
  • Yeah I kept thinking Memphis was 98, but then I thought maybe it was one of the ones that they decided not to make in the end...
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