The Windows 98 SE Old Dude Pornography Issue

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Windows 98 SE is now replaced by an extremely old guy in illicit acts. Thank you duffnet, i am now scarred for life. As I will be consuming alcoholic beverages, you may want to fix this issue.

To those who do not wish to be scarred for life, please do not click on the Windows 98 SE Download. Thank you, have a wonderful freakin' day.

Also, on a "I'm really pissed because you made me look like an asshole (snicker) because i referred an old guy to this particular website and now i'm never going to be allowed back into my favorite computer store" note, I am really pissed because I referred to WinWorld, in good intent, to show him that there is a good place to get a Windows 98 SE Download. Sadly, as it turns out, it would appear that an old guy is now performing illicit acts. Congratulations! I won't be able to go into my favorite Computer Store (owned by a local guy who is going to be chewing me out tomorrow because of this) and tell somebody who was looking for a Windows 98 copy where to get it, (Promoting Winworld) and this happens.

Will I be coming back to Winworld after all this?

Yep. Sad, aint it?

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  • I dont really understand anything you've just said. It may be because its 1am, but maybe it just wasnt well worded. If your saying theres g0atse on Duffs site, then he needs to fix that. I have NO idea what your talking about, so I'll just take downloads down till I know.
  • Sorry, I do tend to ramble.

    There is a really old guy spreading his anus for a camera.

    Simple enough.

    (Please don't ban me for saying anus.)
  • I'm going to point out two things:

    1) Windows 98 SE isn't even LOCATED on my server.

    2) There is no goatse or whatever you call it on my server.

  • I believe he is talking about But I cant find that anywhere on here. Unless topher changed his thing to goatse? But when I clicked it it went straight to the file.... Where WAS the picture?

    And you can say anything you want, noone cares... Internet censorship is a bad thing...

    fuck fuck fuck
  • Thats one of the sickest things iv'e ever seen , how the f**k did it get that
    messed up, thats not natural noooo (wrong)
    BTW ,I have a pidgen.dll off win98se that I cracked to accept any key,
    anyone interested, it does'nt need to be repacked into precopy1 cab, just
    copied either to C: drive or the win98 folder..
  • Its from ... Its a "shock site"... its extremely old, and theres far more disgusting sites out there.
  • you see that so many times and you become immune
  • Its from ... Its a "shock site"... its extremely old, and theres far more disgusting sites out there.
    Like tubgirl.
  • I take it this is why the downloads are down?

  • Yea I took them down in case there WAS goatse on a server, but I cant seem to find the download with it :|
  • "As I will be consuming alcoholic beverages"

    Doesn't that tell you people anything.
  • [16:55:33] tophernet2004: hi
    [16:55:36] CompaqSx: Hi
    [16:55:46] tophernet2004: why is winworld downloads down?
    [16:55:58] CompaqSx: Still using them?
    [16:56:05] tophernet2004: no
    [16:56:09] tophernet2004: tch bitched to me
    [16:56:18] CompaqSx: Yea....
    [16:56:25] CompaqSx: Tell him it's not your fault?
    [16:56:32] tophernet2004: i didnt say anything
    [16:56:37] CompaqSx: O
    [16:56:38] CompaqSx: well
    [16:56:48] tophernet2004: so it is my fault?
    [16:57:00] CompaqSx: Someone claimed that if you tried to download something you got goatse
    [16:57:16] CompaqSx: So Fish took it down and is investigating
    [16:57:16] tophernet2004: OH YEAH
    [16:57:19] tophernet2004: see
    [16:57:29] tophernet2004: you need to replace your download link for 98se
    [16:57:32] tophernet2004: you said you would
    [16:57:33] tophernet2004: you never did
    [16:57:34] tophernet2004: so
    [16:57:37] tophernet2004: i put goatse there
    [16:57:47] tophernet2004: i forgot i did that :P
    [16:57:58] CompaqSx: You realize it's kindof hard to fix links when Fishs FTP doesn't work and he's asleep?

    [16:58:13] tophernet2004: wake him up :P
    [16:58:27] tophernet2004: kfine
    [16:58:31] tophernet2004: ill delete the whole ww directory

    Now we know what that was about "-_-"

  • Why isn't he hosting 98SE anymore?

    BTW - Is Duff hosting it, or should I?
  • He got hammered so hard that he decided to stop.

    If you think you can and want to there's a thread for that in this section of the forum.

  • Aww. I know a site (forgot the name) and there are pictures of people who were run ove by trains and you can see thier brains and all that wierd shit.

    It was like a Synonym of weird.
  • bangedup, rotten have some fucked up shit.
  • that's it
  • Now that this's been resolved, can the downloads go back up sans-links to Tofer?

  • Since It would be my fault that it is down, I'll host it.
  • It's not your fault.

    He stopped hosting it a week ago. Don't feel obligated to host it, but if you can, it would be a nice.
  • Yea, Tofer was responsible for all this, you're just the 1st one to get that and report it to us.

    If you feel your server/connection can handle this (It's by far one of the most popular downloads we have) then you can put it on your server and give us the info.

    Thanx and sorry you had to be the 1st to get it.

  • Say hello to your new hoster. I'm uploading 98 Plus as we speak.

    6% at 9:45 Central Uploaded on 28.8k
  • We've already got a host for 98 Plus, it's 98SE that's in the lurch now.

  • eh? It said on this board that 98 plus still needs a host.
  • That should've been desticked ages ago.

    What DOES need a home (Besides 98SE):

    IBM PS/2 Soft sampler
    Colorado Backup (Both versions)
    PC speaker driver
    Inter OverDrive utilites 4

    None of there are very large.

  • I'd like to host but have to get unlazy enough to put Apache on. Some time soon.
  • Since 98SE has such a popularity level, I'll host it as mirror 2 (or 1) so we'll have multiple servers hosting it.

  • Q, please reserver all four of those for me. I will take them over Sunday night or Monday afternooon. Please get the links for me when you get a chance.
  • Well, I'll make this server a guenia pig for Winworld.
  • Ahh yikes, Duff and SSH asked for the 4 small ones @ the same time. I'll split them up between them and give Y 98SE since that should probably have it's own server if possible.


    PS. Yoshi, <font> doesn't work, use bbCode tags.
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