The Windows 98 SE Old Dude Pornography Issue



  • Duff didn't ask for the 4 little ones.
  • You just didn't know he did. I got AIMd.


    PS. There, it works now (Ys sig).
  • Well, if you do need a guenia pig server...
  • You guys really need to get the mirror script working...
  • We need a Windows 98 SE server, and since you have nothing on yours now (As far as WinWorld downloads go), it'll work.

  • I have literally a shitload on it waiting for use. And I think you still link to some because I check my logs once in a while and stuff comes up. Make SURE all these link or mirror to me: Thanks.

    I'll put 98SE on if you want.

    EDIT- Well all the non-img or music ones, at least.
  • Can you like segregate the DLs to like /dls or something for clarity?


    PS. What's "machistory" ? Do they have the crash chimes too?
  • Just startup's. -- it's absolutely awesome-- every Apple product that I know of is in there with complete specs, chimes on most, default configs, max RAM, shipped OS, max OS, history, images, etc. It rocks. For both Mac and PC. :)

    As far as "/dls" not until Sunday when I get home. Sorry.
  • HaH! It DOES have the crashsounds too!


    PS. OK
  • Oh yea, I guess I do remember a 'death chime' on some. But since I mostly look at newer models I rarely see it.
  • Shame they got rid of it, I have the perfect sound for it...

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