i have options!

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yay, options! (woot)

ok, i ordered my fan and it will be here tuesday or wednesday.

i am goin to totally clean my system. i dont need win2k server, dont use any of that crap in the server os thats not in the pro os.

now, i can either go with win2k pro (legal copy) or winxp pirated copy for my main os on the machine.

i am having trouble deciding, so vote which one i should use, post about it and give me reasons why i should choose 1 over the other.

EDIT: Both oses will run everything that i need!


  • Beucause it has better memory management. 2000 ate my 384MB to 7MB and XP ne ver goes past 60%
  • Post the specs, please.
  • Shesthefastest:
    AMD duron 850 MHz processor on a ECS K7AMA motherboard
    512 MB SDRam
    WD 80Gb hard disk
    Lite-On 52x24x52 CD-RW drive
    1.44 MB floppy
    axio 'X5' series black 480W dual fan case with 2 led fans, and black cold cathode
    ATI video card
    10/100 nic

    edit: each os will work on the pc nicely
  • I say go for XP, it's more stable, newer, and easier than 2000.
  • 2000! XP is bloated crap! It has tons of stuff that you'll never need and can't remove! 'Wireless Zero Configuration'!? 'MSN Explorer' !?, 'LUNA' !?. 2000 is MUCH less bloated and has fewer security compromising 'features'.

  • Ok, I agree with Q, BUT I will have to go for XP because it is more modern. And my hardware just works better with it. But I have Windows 2000 on my lower specs computers.
  • On Tuesday, April 20, 2004 at 16:24 central standard time I have offically reached a desision.

    I will be using the Microsoft Windows XP operating system on my system.

    Both are good operating systems but windows XP has the remote desktop, and i have found that the remote desktop included with the os is easier to work with versus others like pcanywhere and radmin.

    End of message.
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