Fish N E T 3000 Disagrees with this

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Who should be right? Here is the Chatlog i had with Gateway. Fish said 256 Mb is enough for me and 1 gig wouldn't do anything.

30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM launchdesktopsharing set to false.
30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM Client ID set to 1234567890.
30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM promocode set to General Inquiry.
30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM Serial # set to 1234567890.
30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM Chris Garrett logged in.
30 Apr 2004 06:54:58 PM Connected to the server via Direct Socket
30 Apr 2004 06:54:58 PM Chris Garrett has been assigned to the Sales queue.
30 Apr 2004 06:55:07 PM Chris Garrett was added to the incident named Chris Garrett by Perrie
30 Apr 2004 06:55:07 PM Perrie created an incident named Chris Garrett.
30 Apr 2004 06:55:11 PM Perrie says: Thank you for chatting with Gateway Sales Upgrade Consultant. My name is Perrie and I will be assisting you today.
30 Apr 2004 06:55:23 PM Perrie says: Hello Chris
30 Apr 2004 06:55:26 PM Perrie says: Thank you for contacting us through the Gateway secure site. For your reference, my employee number is GWOC082. What were you thinking of purchasing today?
30 Apr 2004 06:55:48 PM Chris Garrett says: Hello im thinking about Upgradeing my Memory. Can you tell me the most memory i can have for my system?
30 Apr 2004 06:56:29 PM Perrie says: According to your submission, the serial number for your Gateway system is 1234567890 and the account name is garrett, christopher. Is this correct?
30 Apr 2004 06:56:58 PM Chris Garrett says: Yes
30 Apr 2004 06:57:25 PM Perrie says: My information shows that your computer has 256 MB of memory installed, while it supports a maximum of 1GB. I would suggest doubling the original amount for better overall performance. For the best performance, I would suggest the maximum.
30 Apr 2004 06:57:57 PM Chris Garrett says: What difference will i tell? Will it be faster?
30 Apr 2004 06:58:25 PM Perrie says: You have two slots in your motherboard, each would support maximum of 512MB.
30 Apr 2004 06:58:29 PM Chris Garrett says: I can't get DSL where i live. Will more memory make downloads faster?
30 Apr 2004 06:59:04 PM Perrie says: Chris , your system speed to access internet goes up, you will have increase in speed of the data transfer, you can open multiple browsers, you can open multiple applications, which will require more memory and overall increase in the enhancement of system performance. This will help Windows XP and its applications to run smoothly.
30 Apr 2004 06:59:28 PM Perrie says: Adding more memory lets the computer run more programs simultaneously, so you can surf the Internet, listen to an MP3 music file, and play a game without slowing down the system.
30 Apr 2004 07:00:07 PM Perrie says: More memory also helps your computer to run complex software even faster, such as recent 3D games or voice recognition programs. I would suggest you to add memory to your system for more speed and operating stability.
30 Apr 2004 07:01:23 PM Chris Garrett says: Ok thanks im going to think about it more. Two more things. Is it recrememded to flash my BIOS before upgradeing ram? Also whats the largest Harddrive my system can take?
30 Apr 2004 07:02:15 PM Perrie says: It is not necessary to flash BIOS before upgradeing RAM.
30 Apr 2004 07:02:21 PM Perrie says: Please hold on.
30 Apr 2004 07:04:21 PM Perrie says: You can upgrade for external hard drive upto 120GB for your system.
30 Apr 2004 07:04:52 PM Perrie says: I can assist you with the best and compatible hard drive and memory.Would you like to do the upgrade?
30 Apr 2004 07:05:04 PM Perrie says: I can place the order for you right now and you can get the product delivered at your doorstep.
30 Apr 2004 07:05:38 PM Chris Garrett says: Not now. What about the processor. Is it possible to upgrade processor to a P4 HT?
30 Apr 2004 07:05:59 PM Chris Garrett says: Im waiting until i get the money.
30 Apr 2004 07:07:10 PM Perrie says: The current processor is P4 if you upgrade the motherboard to a higher speed you can upgrade the processor too.
30 Apr 2004 07:07:41 PM Perrie says: Chris you can place the order through credit card,debit card or Intell a check.
30 Apr 2004 07:08:08 PM Chris Garrett says: I don't have a credit card. They get you into trouble l.o.l
30 Apr 2004 07:08:45 PM Chris Garrett says: I payed them off canceled them and cut them up.
30 Apr 2004 07:09:40 PM Perrie says: Chris ,I understood that you are looking for a system which would be fast.Am I right?
30 Apr 2004 07:10:40 PM Chris Garrett says: Yes
30 Apr 2004 07:11:08 PM Perrie says: WE do have systems with higher speed motherboard and 3.0Ghz processor and comes with 1GB RAM.You can purchase this system without the monitor too.These are less expensive and high in technology.Would you like to know more about this?


  • Well it depends what you do with your computer. If you do heavy things like video editing, gaming and stuff like that, 1gig is for you. Otherwise, 256 should be enough.
  • OMFG, 56K will NOT saturate a 1.8GHz CPU , and fill 256MB RAM. You are SO ignorant, its not even funny. Of COURSE they will tell you that you need more RAM and a new CPU and a new hard drive, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY.

    56K does NOT need 2GB of RAM and a 3.2GHz CPU. Hell, my DSL runs PERFECT on a 1.4GHz / 512MB, and my DSL's speed is FAR greater than your 56ks.
  • Umm... I LOVE how they try to trick you into thinking that more RAM gives you a faster Inet connexion! The thing with RAM is that if you're using alot now, adding more until you reach your usage threshold wiil help, after that it's pointless.

    For instance:

    You use 512MB regularly (I'm making this up just to show). You have 256 installed. Windows will use 256MB of hard disk space for memory (Virtual Memory).

    If you add 256MBs RAM (512MB total), you will speed up.

    If you add another 256 (768MB total) you wont accomplish anything.

  • Who should be right? Here is the Chatlog i had with Gateway. Fish said 256 Mb is enough for me and 1 gig wouldn't do anything.

    30 Apr 2004 06:46:56 PM launchdesktopsharing set to false. . . .

    You sir, are an ignorant moron
  • Please justify that comment.

  • To Mr Clean

    you sir are an ass and get in the pasture where you belong
  • Alright, cool it you 2. I'm going to start editing/deleting posts if there's a reply back.

  • Look, either way, I was right, tech support lied, and CTG was wrong. End of story.
  • I have a networked cable connection on my P2 300/64mb RAM, and I don't notice any speed difference on internet against my P4.

    Internet just depends on your connection and the servers.

    You computer just depends on how you use it.
  • 1. Justify...
    2. Well, it's Gatesway so that's not surprising
    3. Justify...

  • Q, remember the Gateway 2000 P5-200 that ran GREAT on 192MB RAM with XP, using 56K AND DSL, and NOW it has 400MHz / 96MB and the internets STILL as fast as my 1.4GHz / 512MB.
  • Fishnet 650 is a NO-ROM and for you other idiots thats moron spelled backwards.
  • It seems noone wants me at WinWorld. If im not wanted i will leave
  • CTG got owned :)

    [ANd Fish get his post edited.]

    [ -Q]

    [PS. I'll reopen this thread for meaningful discussion of CTGs discourse with] [Gateway.]
  • I still don't know how to format a Harddrive. lmao
  • Insert your Windows Startup disk (assuming you are using Windows)...

    type: format c: (or whatever the HDD letter is...)

    and press


    and wait.
  • Keep in mind ofcourse that this will wipe out everything on that drive so be careful.

  • lmao i was mocking the dell comercial i know how to format a drive. But with NTFS its more than a bootdisk. You have to fdisk with NTFS unless you use the XP CD it gives an option to delete the partition and format. And the red Gateway drivers CD you put it in. Go to the right screen and hot one button then your formatted with one push of a button with FAT 32.
  • Yeah, just delete the NTFS partition and create a FAT32 one.
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