Office 97 product key

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I downloaded Microsoft Office 97 but I didn't get a product key to install it. Any help would be appreciated, I'm anxious to try it. My mail is Thanks for thinking.


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    Check here:

    Check the page for Microsoft Serials, you'll find several.
  • I have one.


    give or take some 1's, but theres a 2 at the end of the 1st part and the rest is 1's.

    WINNT4 serial - 1111-111111 :-)
  • Usually, Microsoft's 10 (or 11) digit CD Key is very easy to make. Just enter any random CD keys and you'll soon (probably in few minutes) end up with a valid CD key.

    Or, If it is 10 digit CD Key, just take the XXX-YYYYYYY part of your Windows product key (your Windows product key should be in this format: WWWWW-XXX-YYYYYYY-ZZZZZ) and enter it as the CD Key.
  • Sometime i'm going to list the PID number for WinNT4 though XP that lets you bypass the serial number.
  • Try to fill all fields with 11111111111111111111111111111
  • thats for NT4.

    For Office 97, make it all 1's except for the last blank in the first box;;;that gets a 2
  • Thanks, I got it, it was available in WinRar and I just missed it.
  • Hey that's a good tip 'dot".
  • LOL, thats what good about WinRAR, you can integerate message that show up before you etraxt.
  • Thats only if you open winrar then extract it. I just right click and select Extract to..
  • I had those moments in WinRAR.. saved me some emails.
  • the way those serial keys work is the first group of numbers has to be an even number when added up and the second bunch has to be a multiple of seven
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