MS Streets

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MS streets would be nice preferably 98


  • I got MS Streets and Tips 2000 its a 2 CD set
  • Neat! Would it count as abandonware?
  • probly not.

    Product Name --- General Availability Date --- Mainstream Support Retired --- Extended Support Retired
    Streets & Trips 2000 --- 10-Feb-1999 --- 30-Jun-2003 --- Not Applicable

    It's ABW.

  • ok what is the size of both cds after maximum compression with RAR?
  • What the hell is MS Streets?
  • Sorry, i left out part of the name. The full name is Microsoft Streets and Trips
  • Lol... but what is it? (Too lazy to do researching)
  • god dammit, I cant find the CDs' now. I used to have them but guess I threw them out becuase I was never gonna use them.
  • IT is a map program
  • Lol I figured since it is MS STREETS and TRIPS. But just wanted to make sure.
  • I'm guessing that Micro$oft made it?!

  • HEY! I found the CD's. I can image them and stick them on my server if you want.
  • You got 2 options. I also found this RandMcNally TripMaker 2000. And the M$ Streets and Trips is 2001.
  • give me about an hour, I gotta install SP4 and do some configuration to the server
  • I got Streets 98 too!! it came with Works Suite 99...
  • the person who want MS Streets PM me if you want either M$ S&T 2001 or Rand McNalley TripMaker 2000. I got my server running SP4 now full install over again. SP3 kept giving me WFP errors so I just got out my 8-in-1
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