Ping of Death

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What the fuck is Ping of Death? I've seen it a lot on my router status page. Could someone explain it to me?


  • when someone ping you so much it slows you connection to the screeching hault.

    You can only ping someone to death if your connection is better than yours.

    Like I can ping to death an AOL user.
    My school 6mb Inet can ping to death me
  • I thought I was endangered or something. Phew.
  • Ping of Death was a fundamental error in the TCP/IP architecture of many OSes, you could send a PING packet that was bigger then the standard said it could be. A t0n of OSes, when they got this, would either immediately crash (Including Windows), disavow their networking (Just crash offline), or somehow get screwed up.

  • Heres how I would explain it. Its were some one pings you with packets anywhere from 32Bs to 1MB and keeps sending untill your connection has like a heart attack and disconnects. If the person that is pinging you over does it they can get disconnected aswell. Its fun to mass ping a 56ker. Just send them 20 5KB packets. I would mass ping people on IRC my nick would be in use. Ofcorse now its hard to mass ping some one because they mostlikely has the same connection as you or faster.

    Why do they call it a ping? Well heres how I can explain. You know how a sub is right? its under water and they can't see so they send out pings and find out if they're near ships or rocks and such. Also shipd use it to find subs. The sornar is just basicly a system that pings to find ships. Also they can just listen in for people talking and such. So my point is a ping is to identify. Since computers don't have periscopes we ping to find our way.
  • Yeah that explains the slowdown on my computer.
  • Pinging is fun, but when your school's internet is bogged down by a single person sending an email ( about 2 kb in size, with NO attachment), it definately takes the fun out.
  • Matt311 wrote:
    a single person sending an email ( about 2 kb in size, with NO attachment).

    That is the worst scholastic connexion I have *EVER* heard of, even SMH had (and has) a better one!

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