Computer hardware mods.

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Has anyone added any killer mods to their computers?

Heres my mods I have on my current PC.

A window with a cath blacklight. The inside of the case is panted white with diffrent color blacklight drawings.

A car ciggrette lighter. Don't have to be a smoker to use it. It can use your car adpters.

A blacklight 4x20 char LCD. It lists my WinAMP playlist and system info.

My case doesn't have front USB connecters so I took a broken Xbox I had and added two control ports so I can use the xbox controls with out a mini to standard USB adpter

Fans that lightup and a fan controller that lets me set the fans speed.

Switched out the LEDs to blue instead of green and red.

Changed out the LEDs on my keyboard to blue. Also changed my optic mouse LED to blue.

Added a headphone jack to my keyboard. No more extineion cable for me :D

When I get some paint i'm going to paint the case a dark blue and use some of that krackel black color paint with a coat of clear finish. Also I've been looking at this nice keyboard at bestbuy. It's not cordless but its sweet as hell. When I get it i'm going to switch the LEDs to blue. Also a friend of mine is going to make a decail that says TCPMeta.NET, thats going on the side that doesn't have the window. Also i'm going to add a lock because I like the power of not letting anyone use the PC.

I call this PC Midnight because its black and blue.


  • Those are the dumbest things ever (IMAO). As long as it works and it functional, I'm fine with it.

  • Put it this way. Know how people take jap cars and turn them into wannabe race cars (AKA Rice Rocket) and add running lights and crap like that.
    Well its the same thing but with a computer.
    Take a computer that has all of that to a lan party and it makes people go "Damn that's a nice PC" also say if you have a slow PC it will help people get past your slowness and be wowed over the case. Most of all it makes you feel good when some one say's "Thats a sweet computer"
  • Pfft. I don't go to LAN parties, noone ever sees my copmuter, and I don't know about cars.

  • OK, all Ive done to mine that is an addon thats not needed to run it is add an expansion slot fan.
  • Wow, thats some heavy modding FishNET. I dont think Ive done any modding I can think of. I may spray paint my case though (The easiest way to mod a PC :-), just need some paint)

    Rice Rocket! LMAO!!
  • Heres a tip for painting.

    Sand down the metal untill smooth then spray a coat of primer (That cheap grey paint) then let dry for teo hours then paint your frist coat of color. Let it sit untill it's tacky (stickie) then paint with second coat of color let it dry for 4 hours then add a coat of clear finish. I've done this a few times before and works great for cars.
  • Thats what I usually do for something like that but with no sanding.
  • Prepare your surfaces, Warp!
  • I have 2 fans. I don't need mods. Like Q, I don't go to Lan Parties, and don't know jack shit about cars.
  • I dont even own a car and know more than Q and Roger Ngo.
  • Haha.. I know a lot about cars. Mostly luxury cars, but oh well.
  • LOL, like wchich one has the biggest cup holder or LCD.
  • hmmm....

    You know some Mercedeses have ventilated seats? Meaning they blow hot and cold air through them...haha...
  • I'm currently building a fileserver in a completely custom case. It once was an old home-made Equalizer. I took out the electronics and drilled holes and shit in it. It now has a P166 with 100mb ram. Im gonna add a 20gb hdd and use it as a fileserver. Im gonna spraypaint it black and put a green CCFL in it.

    The only thing I did to my pc was add a 1x16LCD, a winamp remote controller out of four buttons, two leds and a piece of serial cable, and I replaced the CPU fan with a silent Titan 21Dba 40x40mm cooler.
  • I got a black cath light, a fan on the actual case in the middle of the window that all 4 black, red, green, and purple, a blue led fan in the back, cool case, but thats it.

    are there any of those led displays that u can put on top of your computer.

    EDIT: what i want is not really a mod but a remote for my pc so i dont have to lift my ass out of my bed to change the song.
  • All my computers came already painted. I probably wouldn't paint them even if they hadn't. Uh got no windows except the operating system.
  • I contral WinAMP with a keyboard, so I just use a really long keyboard extension cable :-)
  • I would like a led display but i have a door covering up my drive bays, so thats why i want an ontop computer one

    or maby i could rig up my pocket pc to serve as a led display.
  • I saw a few websites on building a remote for your PC that can control WinAMP. I'll have to look in my bookmarks.
  • I just use a keyboard. There are remotes on eBay all the time, but only work on WMP (AKA same as "hotkeys")

    Anothe cool feature on these is a trackpoint mouse and its on a remote.
  • The remote i'm talking about does more then just winamp. It's baicly a mini wireless keyboard.
  • Yeah, I wasnt talking about that.

    I used to see these remotes all the time on eBay. wish I would of got one at the time. Now I cant find them.
  • Hey, hey ... that's not cool.

    I asked for a picture of TCP's l337 modded-out system, and the post was just deleted. Come on people, don't be falling back to old times now. :)
  • Oh good god, not this again.
  • I'm not sure why it happened, although I can guess.

    So, TCP, want to send Tch a link (SkyCache ?) to a pic of your system?


    PS. We'll keep deleting stuff from you as long as it's abusive and ill-mannered.
  • Hah, that was hardly abusive. It's just that when someone makes such awesome claims as to their l337 modded system, I think a picture is in order.

    Then when the post gets deleted (most likely by the "Global Moderator", nonetheless), it makes you wonder. :-|
  • Point me to some linux drivers for a Bell+Howell BH40 1.3 Mega Pixal and I will be happy to take a pic of it.
  • There's no reason why you couldn't boot into Windows to do it, but I'll ignore that.

    gPhoto or the PhotoPC library should do the trick.
  • Don't use Windows anymore, i'm sick of being a target for virues.
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    My video was dead, so i decided to strip it and throw it away. But it had this enormous remote controller, which i wanted to recycle. So i decided to make a IR receiver for my computer :P
    The parts and the old mouse:

    Rewiring the plug:

    Crammed it all together in the old Genius mouse:

    Screwed the mouse back together:

    ...And plugged it in:

    It dindt work the first time, because i soldered a diode in the wrong direction. After that, it worked flawlessly. It controlls winamp, the volume, it can shut down my computer, with a touch of a button it opens mozilla, press 0 and it'll put the cursor in the adress bar. press 7 and it will type "" in the adress bar. press clear and the page will be loaded. you can control the mouse with the keys 2,4,6 and 8 and 1 and 3 acts as mousebuttons.

    damn.. It rocks!
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