New Windows 3.1 compatible computer

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Anybody know of any available computers that are backward compatible with Windows 3.1 ? My first Walmart 200 dollar computer could run Windows 95 and Windows NT 4.0. My latest one doesn't come with the drivers for these versions. I guess Windows 98 will soon be left out.



  • Why do you WANT to run Windows 3.1?

  • Just run it in VPC.
  • I have a PC that runs Windows 3.1 I only use it for writing perl scripts and a little bit of programing.

    If you need drivers for your hardware go to and heres the login and password.

    Login: temp
    Password: 512

    If you don't know what hardware you have you will need to pull out the the part from the PC and look at the chipset and it will list the make and model. Sometimes it will just like the maker name and the model will be somewhere on the card.
  • or drivers/all for the account.

    I have a PC with Windows 3.1, it sits in the closet. :-)
  • Why the hell do you want to run win 3.1? win 3.1 can run jack squat. get you head out of your retired ass and learn that u should use a better os than 3.1.
  • These poepl bug me. I saw 3 of these so far.

    1) 1G RAM and 98SE
    2)a guy who dumped an Athlon 2Ghz and use 3.1.
    3)dual boot XP and DOS
  • If you don't use it for games and you can access the internet with it then it's still a good OS. When you think about it all you need is a PC that has the following.

    16MB ram
    400MB HD
    1.44MB Floppy drive
    Sound Blaster 16
    Windows 3.1

    Thats all you need for office use. When you think about it it would be great for at my work because I have never seen anyone do their job but sit there playing games like Solitare, Freecell, Spider, and thoses gay ramdom online board games.

    I bet most of you don't even have a PC that is fast enough for the latest games. All you care is Windows fag Pee.
  • Well IBMWarpster it's a hobby thing I guess. I don't really want to run it all the time.
    That's a good idea Roger Ngo and it's what I originally intended to do but with a new 200 dollar computer I don't want to spend a lot on more ram and I didn't like Lindows.
    Thanks TCPMeta. It's some unusual hardware though and Windows 95 can't run even without drivers. It won't boot. Something like blah,blah,blah IOS. You need to reboot your computer. Reboot and get the same thing.
    To IBMWarpster again, yeah, somebody offered me a couple of computers with Windows 3.1 but they were old and slow. It's not quite the same thing.
    Ping, you need thumped. I see you have no occupation or interests.
    IBMWarpster again, 1. flies and I like it. 3. is interesting. 2. is kind of weird, I'd like to run it but not really use it all the time.
    Thanks again TCPMeta. Computers would run better without so much stuff on them.

    The point was meant to be that the equipment will not really be available to run these older systems even if we have them. WinWorld has some of these older Operating Systems available but you will soon have to go to a museum to find a machine that will run them. I'm afraid we will have to buy the Windows with the Activation soon or we'll be out of computers.
    I guess no one knows of any company that will keep making all around computers.
  • Any computer that has a FAT16 HD, less then 512MB of RAM should run 3.1 down to 1.01.

  • Why not just run the best OS that the PC can run?

    Like you dont see me running Windows 95 on my 1.6GHz/640M, no, I use 2003(2003 IS an workstation :-))
  • I was doing this project to see how cheap you could get a new computer and put it on the net and just started getting a little fancy. I am not going to buy XP for this machine even though it works just great on it. I'm going to use primarily Windows 98se which I already own. I did mean to multiboot just as an extra kick and I'll also probably reinstall a version of linux. I've googled and search other places and can't find any backward compatible machines for the old stuff

    DUDE! Just download a copy. LOL. 98SE isnt good on any PC.
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