New Tomchu-like theme added.

edited May 2004 in News & Announcements
...for everyone who's seen his kickass theme, we have the one that his is based on. "smartDark" I think Im gonna leave mine on this theme, it kicks ass.



  • I like this kickass theme as well, its now my default :) .
  • And its gonna be my default in like 30 seconds.
  • The only problem is that there are soo many new colorz to remember for the topic icos.

  • Yeah... I'm back to subBlack. smartDark has too many colors to remember....
  • Hmmm.... nah, this theme doesn't work for me. Switching back to subBlack
  • Its the colors isn't it Ian?
  • Heh, I was just fooling around. But seriously the lighter themes did hurt my eyes. Well smartDark is nice but I got used to the subBlack theme.

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