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Questions, or just want to chat? Come to IRC.

R-Type #winboards


Some Simple Rules Using WinBoards IRC:
Thanks to noone for writing this.

I wouldn't think such common sense would need to be spelled out for people, but unfortunately it obviously needs to be.

Old WinBoards regulars are the channel operators. This doesn't just include the actual WinBoards administrators, but other members that have been here since the beginning. This operates on a trust basis. The channel operates in a hive mind fashion like the forums used to back in the day. If you spam fishbot slaps, expect an autokick from one of us. If you join/part flood, expect a ban. We reserve the right to remove people from the channel without explanation, and river of dumb worthy material will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the IRC channel. Even though people are in the channel 24/7, don't expect a reply within 30 seconds of joining, or even a hour within joining. There will be times the channel will be fairly active, other times it'll be completely silent. It depends on the time and day really. Try to use proper English, don't shorten words (like you -> U), it doesn't take much to type two extra letters.

If you have software requests, please keep them here on the forums.


  • Chat's been pretty active over the past few days, nice to see some new faces!
  • iam pretty new and will try to be around there when i got the time :)
  • *bump*
    Is it me, or did efnet just take a dump a few minutes ago or so? I saw 8 different servers split at the same time, and then both me and my bot got booted. Also, live stats on their website just showed like 15k people disappeared from the network in a matter of 2 minutes. Seems pretty bad.
  • Not just you. It's down for both places I was signed on from.
  • Yeah we were just talking about being blacklisted too..
  • So, apparently efnet got owned earlier, which was why it went down on us.
    For all those wondering why the majority of EFNet is down, I discovered/reported a security vuln in ratbox and chary, and somebody used it.
    Also got posted to slashdot:
    "EFnet member Fionn 'Fudge' Kelleher reported several vulnerabilities in the IRC daemons charybdis, ircd-ratbox, and other derivative IRCds. The vulnerability was subsequently used to bring down large portions of the EFnet IRC network."
    By crafting a particular message, you can cause the IRC daemon to call strlen(NULL) and game over, core dumped.
  • I think it might be prudent to remind everyone of this little tidbit of information:
    A hostmask is a unique identifier of an IRC client connected to an IRC server.[49][50] IRC servers, services, and other clients including bots can use it to identify a specific IRC session.
    The format of a hostmask is nick!user@host. The hostmask looks similar to, but should not be confused with an e-mail address.
    The nick part is the nickname chosen by the user and may be changed while connected. The user part is the username reported by ident on the client.[51] If ident is not available on the client, the username specified when the client connected is used after being prefixed with a tilde.[52]
    The host part is the hostname the client is connecting from. If the IP address of the client cannot be resolved to a valid hostname by the server, it is used instead of the hostname.

    Just saying.
  • nightice wrote:
    [..] tidbit of information:
    ^^ Should be teh SSL link, no?!

    Anyway, the reason I'm posting hear is that your iRC page is linking the old HexChat site which is no long their; new won @

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