Internet for WFW3.11 on VPC 5

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how do u acces the net on WFW 3.11 on VPC 5?


  • You need the drivers for the Virtual NIC. I have no idea what NIC it emulates.

    Install WIndows 95 and find out. Some DEC I belive.
  • Umm don't you install TCP/IP protocol and it should work?

    I don't know really. Never tried it. Most OS I install on VPC were able to read the network fine.

    I'm guessing its TCP/IP.
  • BUT, you need to know what NIC it uses :-P

    WFW has virtually no PnP
  • Yep. It took me forever to install all the drivers and get to the net with my install of WFF on my P166 .
  • WFW on a 166?!?!?!

    SOmeone get a copy of NT4!~!!!
  • It was for testing purposes.... I have NT4 WS on it now.
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