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It's done. I themed it and stitch took care of the SQL.

Still have a few things to do, but everything should be working more or less. You'll need to retrieve a new password since they aren't carried over in the conversion.

Enjoy. I've enabled guest posting (with a CAPTCHA) and reenabled registrations without admin activation.


  • I do not anticipate any issues but if there are any issues with logins please EMail admin@winboards.net from the EMail address on your account and/or utilize the 'Reset Password' function, as the upgrade does include upgrading the password hashing scheme to a more secure salt based function.
  • thx my password worked :p
  • testing guest posting :)
  • Also, phpBB3 supports relative dates but you'll have to go into your profile and change it manually.
  • stitch XMPP THIS!
  • Nice, looks better.
  • Hasn't stopped the spam.
  • BlueSun wrote:
    Hasn't stopped the spam.
    We're going to have to start doing Blade-Runner style bot checks to keep all of them out probably.
  • Also, it seems a touch slower...
  • Okay, so bots can get through both GD captchas AND reCAPTCHA? Ugh. I changed it to the Q&A style, we'll see what that does.

    As far as speed goes, that might have to do with the database being 450MB right now, should be fixed once stitch vacuums it.

    edit: I enabled GZip compression, does it seem any speedier?
  • testing mod queue
  • i like the upgrade, btw what forum software was being used before?
  • highly modified phpBB2
  • oh the prevoius forum looked similar to this, but cool
  • Looking good, though feels very bb3 with unorganized clutter. But that's standard.

    Good job guys.
  • I agree that it's a bit more busy, but I find most modern forum software is like that. IMO, the benefits of going to bb3 outweigh the loss of bb2's simplicity.

    Edit: also, what do you guys think of the text shadow? I'm kind of on the fence and it's easy to change if most of you would rather it be off.
  • Not a fan of the text-shadow.

    Most of the complexity and "busy" look of phpBB3 could be easily fixed by modifying the template a bit more. Not that I expect anyone in charge of such things is willing to put forth the effort.
  • Since I've already put this much effort in theming it, I feel compelled to keep going 'til it's near perfect. if you and others can provide specifics on what should be changed, I'll try and get it done.
  • The top is a good start

    Personally, have the Moderator Control Panel next to the admin control panel at the bottom of the page. It's just useless.
  • Moved the moderator control panel link to the footer, and consolidated the quick search options into a drop down menu.

    What next?

    I suggest everyone take advantage of my motivated mood, I don't suspect it'll last. I'm open to suggestions on anything from fonts to layouts to colors to features.
  • guestposting.png
    Interesting way of beating the spam bots with that. Seems successful so far.
    Edit: It allows incorrect answers though lol.
  • One suggestion I have is to move the post timestamp with the post icon to the left side of the post like it was in phpBB2.

    The main reason being that it's a poor design. When you're reading posts on phpBB2 with the old theme, the post timestamp and icon line up with your field of view when reading the post itself. In the new style, you have to look over to the right, disrupting the flow...
  • Much better.

    I have another suggestion, how about moving the pagination links to a separate row. Two or three times now I've clicked the "go to page" link instead of "Board Index"
  • How's that?

    I'm also working on cleaning up the bottom of pages, so if stuff looks out of place it's only temporary.
  • Yeah, that's better.

    Also, the quick reply box is kind of... odd looking. Leaves a lot of white space on the right side.

    So maybe slim it down to just the textbox as it was on phpBB2, or maybe center it / make it bigger. Something.
  • Yeah I started working on the bottom then went to bed so it looks pretty bad atm. I'm trying to come up with a way to lay out the bottom so it doesn't look cluttered without sacrificing functionality.

    I'm thinking of changing the "you can... into a smaller one-line bar with yes/no icons, along with with a couple other things on the same bar..

    I'm not sure what I should do with the who's online box though, especially if I change QR to the minimalist phpBB2 style.
  • Has this place got dynamic image sizing? I know BlueSun has something like that setup on Hypnos, makes the forums look neater IMO.

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