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Stitch and I were briefly discussing the idea of moving the forums to instead of having them on a separate domain. We'd devise a URL redirect system so any links from Google or other sites are automatically translated to the new URL. For example, if someone clicks a link that goes to the server would automatically redirect them to

The rational behind doing this is tighter integration with the site, and by having it under the same domain it should help boost our rank in search engines.



  • I just type in and click on the forums. Won't bother me much, but still it could be a lot of work considering all these threads.
  • There would be a server side redirection mechanism that would link any links from $1 to$1 on the fly. Any specific links to .... would still remain working.
  • besides that, phpBB seems to be handling self referential links on its own...
  • I would say yes if it makes your guy's job's easier, or that it makes it easier to keep track of everything by having it all under one roof so to speak.
  • sounds like a great idea
  • Check your location bar; this has been moved as planned. You may need to clear your cookies if you have any issues with staying logged in.
  • The link to forum on WinWorld home page is still to be altered. will be redirected to, though.
  • That has now been updated.

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