Teaser of what's to come....

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  • ;o cool :D
  • stitch wrote:

    That's just...wow...
  • Wait, does this mean online VMs on WinWorld, accessable from the site?
  • When's this coming? I am really anticipating the launch.
  • This is quite interesting (and cool). I just have a few questions and suggestions:

    1. If you're going to do this, have people register accounts with e-mail and captcha (or however its spelled)
    2. What system is this? Did you develop it?
    3. Will it be one VM for an OS for the entire userbase (there is one copy of the vm, and for each user one instance of it is created, and when the user logs off the instance is destroyed), or will it be each user gets a certain amount of HD space for all his or her virtual machines?
    4. If a plugin will be required (and I suspect it will), will it work on Linux?

    EDIT: After trying to reach vmctl.php (I'm just like that), I see you are going to implement a login system. You can ignore the first question, but try to answer this one: Will it be using PHP session variables or Digest Authentication (I'm ruling out basic HTTP auth because I know you probably don't have the resources to purchase an HTTPS certificate)? I 'm just wondering (I'm not a hacker, and don't want to be). If you plan to use Digest Authentication, it will be harder. I've seen some of the tutorials.

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