Slot 1 Motherboards.

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Does anyone know where I could buy slot 1 mainboards besides Ebay?


  • Tigdirect still sells the CPU's and probly still the mainboards.

    Cerleon 466 for $6 on TD!
  • For some reason I can't find them on Tigerdirect.
  • TD seems to have everything.

    How about dual mobo for the early slot style PIII at 550 MHz?
  • Could I see that Dual board?
  • 550Mhz was the max.

    And I only see Socket 370 (Celeron/P3) 366MHz an dup now
  • Grrr... Forget it. I'll just have to buy from ebay.
  • eBay is good. I got my 400Mhz/512K Pentium II from there, I could of gotten a 450Mhz, but the 400 came with a free Slot1 dual fan cooler.
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