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  • and no one could carry their phones, let alone try to wield them
  • Touch keyboards are a nightmare. Try typing on the iPhone 4 screen like I'm doing right now. It sucks I miss the day when early smartphones had actual keyboards. Shoulda seen my typing when I first started on touch keyboards. Rediculous .
  • AiO_Inc. wrote:
    garirry wrote:
    Resistive displays also make me want to die. Seriously, they're so inaccurate and annoying to use, you have to literally press on the screen at the perfect spot. You pretty much have to use a stylus of some sort to properly control this. Capacitive feels like you don't need to press the actual content, it feels much more natural.

    It's just got more tactility than a capacitive display.

    Honestly, if I had my way we'd have adapters to use IBM model M's and K's for smartphones.

    You realize you can actually do that, right?

  • garirry wrote:
    Resistive displays also make me want to die. Seriously, they're so inaccurate and annoying to use, you have to literally press on the screen at the perfect spot. You pretty much have to use a stylus of some sort to properly control this. Capacitive feels like you don't need to press the actual content, it feels much more natural.

    Makes me wonder who made the ones you've been using.
    Or the device they're on.
    Depends on a variety of factors: power input, quality of material, program timings, etc.

    Good resistive touchscreen: Nintendo DS.
    Bad touchscreen: Navigon 7000t. That thing is god-awful.
  • I have HUAWEI Y320-Y10 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Neither of them are on because battery.
    I use PC for now. But it has also problems: (Going BSOD and Overheating)
  • I have a Lenovo a369i (stock ROM, rooted, CyanogenMod 10.1.3 Trebuchet launcher). Not a bad cheapphone.
  • I've had a LG K5 for a while now.
    is ok
    not good
    not bad
    jst ok
  • Upgraded to a Lumia 950 XL. The camera is nice and the app library still has all I need, albeit some of them are 3rd party but hey it works.

    Also got a line on CW, but Skype is still my phone.
  • Recently got my father's 1.5-year-old Alcatel Onetouch Idol X+. It is the best phone EVER, even though a very small percentage of games have minor some texture loss isssues (this is present in most Rortos flight simulators). Asphalt 8 also works on highest graphics quality in full HD with ZERO LAG!! Speakers and display are excellent.
  • iPhone 4s IOS 9.3.5! Works like a dream.
  • iPhone 6 iOS 10.3

    I'm getting sick of the lack of a microSD port on all iPhones and the inability to delete app cache without doing the stupid movie rental trick

    iMessage is really nice, but I'd much rather use Facebook Messenger at this point

    edit: Whoa, I didn't realize this thread was bumped from last September
  • Sorry about that. Figured it wasn't a terrible thread to have up. I do dislike that about Apple. I much prefer OS X for that matter.
  • I have an iPhone 5S and i still have my old iPhone 4
  • As of October 2016, i now use an iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB model. Quite nice, thankfully not jet black.
  • My phone is super cool! I have a landline.
  • Picked up a Nexus 5X last November, pretty good phone so far.
  • iPhone SE, because I prefer the smaller phone, where I can reach the uppermost corners of the screen with my thumb with ease, and I can slip it in and out of pockets and tight spaces more easily....... uhh.......... no, not like...

    :shock: Ehem! As for my iOS preference, well... throughout any usages of Android, I have always found that it would inexplicably become non responsive, enough to be noticeable across devices. I had a Samsung Galaxy S1 for a full contract, and it was easily the worst phone I had ever owned. I believe I disliked it more than my previous phone, which was a Samsung Omnia (or insomnia as I like to call it) running Windows Mobile 6.1 and sporting a resistive touch screen, bundled with a stylus which I lost, and just used the tip of my thumbnail anyway, I actually have fonder feelings for that phone over the technically advanced Galaxy S (though I also have fonder feelings for the Nokia 6233, with it's loud stereo speakers, great use as a noise maker while in high school).

    I was unbelievably frustrated with that phone, and it may have permanently soured my stance on Android, but iOS, in addition to being a lot more responsive for the most part, was also generally a much better experience overall. The reason I probably picked that phone over an iPhone was due to the fact I already had an iPod Touch 4, since I wanted an entry point to the OS. So it was probably for the best since by the time my contract was over, the iPhone 5 was available.

    I don't know if my terrible Android experiences are just unique to me (though my dad complains terribly about his Galaxy Note 2, and ASUS Transformer Prime), so I gotta wonder, are there any other Android users feel their devices become noticeably non responsive for whatever reason, and with repetition? Is it just Samsung devices? I can't ever say for certain about other brands, without a considerable investment. I will say I've even had felt this when I tried out Andyroid, the Android emulator.
  • My phone is Nokia C6. Why - because it's so cheap and I can code in Python using it. Android and iOS has Python as well, but it's not usually with custom functions. Another thing-Symbian allows a lot of customization, so I like it.
  • Motorola Moto X Play. It's seen it's fair share of pain, with the screen separating from the casing and headphone jack completely ruined, but I guess it still works.

    Also have a Nexus 5 lying around running Lineage OS nightly builds along with the EFIDroid bootloader (managed to get it to boot the Windows Boot Manager from Windows RT but it lacks storage drivers I think to continue further so just blackscreens asking to be repaired).
  • I...dont have a phone...i cant afford a cellphone (plan) and,well, im still in my very early teens so...
  • Moto G4 Plus. It works!
  • Nokia E66
    Previously: Samsung Galaxy s4 (accidentally hardbricked), sony ericsson c510
  • Erito17 wrote:
    iPhone 5 16GB model

    1GB RAM (wikipedia told me this)

    When is the iPhone 7 coming out?

    Just dug my old iPhone 4s out of storage a couple days ago, here is my full collection as of now:

    iPhone 5 (my daily driver)
    iPhone 4s (backup phone)
    Motorola Droid (the original one, with Android 2.2 "Froyo". I almost never use this; it's too slow)

    I will probably get the iPhone 7s when it is released...but if it is not much of an upgrade, then I will get a 7 instead-- I can save money and my carrier will be offering deals anyway.

    I can't wait for iOS 11!
  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
    Android 4.4.4 Kit-Kat.

    Had it for about a year and a half. I've dropped it on asphalt and cracked the screen, drowned it in a tub of water and damaged the speaker slightly, yet it still works just fine. Using it to make this post. I have a second one exactly like it as a backup, except it isn't damaged. I'll start using it someday when I get tired of looking at the "spider web" pattern of cracks on my current screen.
  • I had an Iphone 5 for a long, long time, like 4 years.

    I recently had a problem not being able to charge it because of the charging port being defective.

    My phone company said I was eligible for an upgrade.

    I've hadn an Iphone SE for a week now,

    it is definetly better in camera quality, storage capacity, and speed then my previous phone.

    I only have 32GB but I don't sore much on it except for pictures and e-mails, and texts, and a small music library.

    I saw there is a 256GB Iphone 7. Who the fuck needs 256GB on a fucking phone?

    My main machines HDD is only 500GB and only like 138GB are used.
  • Twiggy wrote:
    I saw there is a 256GB Iphone 7. Who the fuck needs 256GB on a fucking phone?

    People who like to edit 4K video they shot with iPhone with iMovie directly on the device, I guess. Or those who want to transfer stuff from their old 160GB iPod classics (or have a music library of that size). Or people who shoot a lot of 4K videos of their kids, and are too lazy to offload them to their computer.

    Granted, my 13" retina MacBook Pro only has 256GB storage...and the next iPhone I get will probably have 32GB. That's more than enough for the stuff I do on my phone.

    Have you tried the iOS 11 beta on your SE yet? (Still stuck with the iPhone 5, so can't upgrade-- it's too old)
  • no, and I dont really care about OS updates. my Iphone 5 did all I needed fine.

    I just upgraded because the Iphone 5 broke.
  • My new phone is a ZTE Z831 running Android 6.0.1.
  • I'm using a Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) as my "smartphone" and usually have a regular cellphone on me as well. I don't know why, but I never really liked smartphones, as much as I hate to admit that I'm really dependent on them. The people I have to contact usually ignore my regular SMS messages and make me use WhatsApp. And getting them to accept a plain old voice call? Fat chance of that ever happening.

    As I'm still a minor (15 years old), my mother has a saying in what I spend my money on even when I do save up a nice amount of cash. Because of that I only buy mid-range to budget smartphones, and my experiences were not so good. Android ran like crap on everything (except on the 1st generation Moto G, which I still kick myself in the butt for throwing away...) and I just hated Windows Phone for the lack of apps that I need to run in order to satisfy my few circles of friends in their communication requirements. My A3 is the best experience I've had so far with Android, and my next phone will be another Motorola, for sure. I agree how Samsung just crams a lot of useless stuff into their system software; it may run smoothly on a high-end S8, and, really, that's all they care about, I don't think they really think about the lower end of the spectrum.

    I also use an ordinary cell phone, as I mentioned. I use it for pure convenience, because its battery lasts much longer than my A3's. It just so happens that the phone I use for this purpose is the new Nokia 3310. I don't really like it, it doesn't live up to the name; it feels like today's cheap Chinese dumb-phones.

    Also, I collect old cellphones, almost for the same reason I got into retro computing. Maybe one of the reasons I first got into cellphones before old computers is that there is almost no incompatibility between a Motorola V50 from 2000 and a more modern cellphone, because the basic call and text message service hasn't changed a lot, and regular GSM network coverage is much better than, say, 4G. But I digress.
  • 1st: HTC Magic 2013
    Handed down. Amazing it was!

    2nd: Nokia Lumia 635 [512mb ram] 2016
    Great phone, however lacks apps and due to the ram, I couldn't do many games.

    3rd: Iphone 5s 2017
    Bought it and repaired it. Lasted a month :D

    4th: Iphone 5c 2017
    Replacement for the 5s. Worst phone i've used in my life. And it broke within a few weeks (Screen just went blank one day, never displayed anything.)

    5th: Cubot Manito [3gb ram] 2017
    Replacement for the 5c. Amazing phone for the price! My main phone now. Best 75 pounds I spent!

    6th: ????
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