[Request] Microsoft Office 4.x redumps

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After digging through the Office 4.x downloads, it appears as if all of them are image reconstructions from various file sources. Although they appear otherwise complete and should work, this means some of them have incorrect file dates, boot sectors, ect. It would be good to get redumps from authentic floppy disks or CDs.


  • I'm thinking about buying 5.25" version of them.
    (But the price is not so cheap I think, hehehe.)

    Microsoft Office Professional v4.2 on 1.2MB Floppy


    Microsoft Office Professional v4.3 on 1.2MB Disks


    All 5.25" version of them are expensive than 3.5" ones.
    But I'm not considering to buy 3.5" media versions though they are more cheap than 5.25"

    Microsoft Office Professional 4.3 (24 Diskettes, the version must be 6.00.3015)



    Microsoft Office Professional 4.3 (31 Diskettes, the version must be 6.00.3015)


    Microsoft Office 4.2 (20 Diskettes) (Maybe Standard?)


  • I can assist with CD and 3.5" disk images.

    Like I said in the "Seen on eBay: Interesting Software" post as I didn't see this post earlier, I just a bought a new copy of 4.2. I also have 4.3 Pro in original condition on 3.5" floppy, plus 4.3 Pro and 4.3 Pro & Bookshelf '94 OEM CD copies if interested.

    The eBay seller ibmpc5150 mentioned has a few other titles (Access 1.0 on 5.25" and Office 97 on 47 x 3.5" for example). I can't buy them either as the seller won't ship outside the US.
  • Thinkpadman, is your 4.3 disk set the 1.44 MB or 1.7MB DMF disk set?
  • Just checked and they're the DMF set, 24 disks all dated October 6, 1994.
  • Just checked and they're the DMF set, 24 disks all dated October 6, 1994.

    Great, redumps of your 4.2, 4.3 Pro 3.5" floppy, 4.3 Pro, and 4.3 Pro & Bookshelf '94 OEM CD would all be very helpful. I'll compare them to what is out there now and post them if they are cleaner.

    Make sure to write protect the floppies. And keep in mind some USB floppy drives may not handle DMF formats. Since the DMF version uses CAB files, it is easy enough to check the integrity. If there are any read errors, let it read as much as possible, make a note of which disk and where the error is. I might be able to repair a damaged image.

  • At this time I've now uploaded 4.3 DMF floppy version and the 4.3 OEM CD version so far. I'm currently waiting for the retail version to finish. I thought it was just plain vanilla Office, but it happens to have Bookshelf as well on it. The difference with the OEM version appears to be that they included MS Money 3.0.

    I also finally picked up the 4.2 floppy set that I bought from eBay and it's the standard 1.44MB set. It's also the 4.2c version as the files are dated early 1995.
    some USB floppy drives may not handle DMF formats

    Mine's a Fujitsu external floppy drive that I bought new a year or two ago in Tokyo. I've had no trouble with DMF disks.

    The floppy disks for both 4.2 and 4.3 I literally had to open the sealed plastic pockets to access so these are as new as it gets. All the disks were fine to read as well.
  • thinkpadman << If you offer 3.5" of your MS Office, I appreciate you.
  • I have Office 4.3 w/Bookshelf two CDs, but I guess you already have them. There's also "Office Developer's Kit" CD.

    Mine has Part # 60984OEM2, 60985OEM2 and it says to include MS Money 3.0. Incase they weren't same I can upload them. If scans needed I can supply too.
  • If you have the 4.x dev kit, that would be great.

    The uploads:

    Microsoft Office 4.3 Professional (3.5 DMF)
    Microsoft Office 4.2c (3.5)
    Microsoft Office 4.3 Professional and Bookshelf (OEM) (CD)
    Microsoft Office 4.3 Professional and Bookshelf (CD)

    Have been posted.

    The old incomplete 4.3 with bookshelves, and the non-authentic 4.3 3.5" DMF version have been removed.

    Since 4.2 and 4.2c are slightly different versions, for the time being the non-authentic 4.2 (non "c") will stay.
  • I have an Office Developer's Kit CD as well, but mine doesn't have an OEM part number as it came with Visual Basic 3.0 Professional. Did it come included with anything else? Due to this I hadn't mentioned it as it wasn't strictly in the Office retail box.

    My Office CDs actually have Part # 60978 and 60978OEM. Anyway, I'm now uploading an ISO of the Developer's Kit.
  • Yeh, Office Dev Kit CD tend to have assembly number instead.

    Mine is 203-052-002. There's another Assy# exists as I saw it on eBay once.
    thinkpadman, If it's same as yours then I guess no need for me to upload it.
  • It's out there now under 4.3 if you want to take a look at it.
  • Hmm, yours is a bit updated (Files stamp is 6 June 1994), while mine is 29 March 1994. Yours have EXCEL5DK directory on root, mine doesn't.
    Also, ApplicationID in ISO header differs:


    By that, uploading shall be done soon.

    Edit: Done
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