Now it's been ten thousand posts...

edited June 2004 in News & Announcements
10 000 posts of decent to outstanding quality, I'm proud ppls! Keep it up!



  • Yay! Congrats to all of us!
  • Yes...

  • Already 10000?
  • ::w00t:: ::w00t:: ::w00t::
  • Yes Slash, already 10000+... think about it.. without you, we would only have 9900. Or without me, we would only have about 9000.
  • Or without all of us, there would be nothing here. Every post counts!
  • I agree with you Shell. EVERY POST COUNTS! So post everyone!
  • QQ
    edited June 2004
    True, but don't fall into the post count trap and reply just to say something. If you don't have a real reply to an idea, don't. Pointless topics will die all that faster then.

  • Yeah listen to Q, he's smart. :)
  • Note that more than half of the posts are in topic "Random Crap"
  • Yep, because its just things that we do...
  • We like to talk about more things than computers too, so thats why we have random crap, for computer shit and other shit to talk about.
  • Yep, like what we did today, or don't buy thism stuff like that.

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