Some temporary changes.

edited June 2004 in News & Announcements
New usr accounts require Email activation.
Name changes will require Administratorial approval.

This is temporary and will be reverted to the normal method on Monday, if not sooner.



  • OK. Why not keep it this way?
  • Because its annoying... but its stopping IBM from logging in with fakes.
  • It's an extra step for new usrs.

    We don't want to be a police state unless there's pressing reason to be. In this case, IBM was banned it is kept using fake addrs for new users. Once IBM's ban is over he'll be allowed back in and the restrictions removed.

  • Oh well, it doesn't concern me. So I'm still happy!
  • You've made it good!
  • Email activation has been disabled.

  • I tohught it was always disabled
  • How about Name changes?
  • And Im wooping Q in post counts! THEREs a good change
  • And Im wooping Q in post counts! THEREs a good change

    Arrg, why are people sooo concered with post counts, I don't ever pay attention to them.

  • LOL. Roger has done very well.
  • They're still locked, ask Fish.

  • Nevermind then...
  • I psersonally think he should change it back. The last thing we need is a lockdown when there's no need.


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