[OFFER] Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 Standard

Hi all (yes it's been a while),

I've managed to get an original copy of VB 3.0 Standard off eBay for a whole $3. I recall maybe late last year SomeGuy was looking for a copy of this.

For those looking for a copy on the net, for some reason finding disks images for Standard was a lot more difficult to find than Professional.

Anyway, I've just imaged the disks (there's only 3) and have uploaded to WinWorld. I haven't attempted to try installing it yet, though the disks read no problems.


  • -_- And I also just acquired a copy too (also for fairly cheap, thankfully).

    Hadn't uploaded it because there are still some server issues with processing uploads. Guess I need to bug Stich about that some more.
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