Computer Speaker System?

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What do you have for computer speakers?


  • A Panasonic SC-AK17 stereo system. 2x35watt RMS, 5cd changer, digital tuner and dual autoreverse deck.

    soon I will have 2 extra Philips 22AH482 speakers from 1978.

    The family PC has a Creative FourPointSurround FPS1600 4.1 speaker system.
  • None, unless you count the iBook/iMac speakers.

  • Now i have 2 small speakers. It sucks...
  • I have a 3 peice system but i would like either a 5.1 or 7.1 system.
  • I Can't wait until I have those old 1978 Philips speakers... They sound soo good (drool)
  • 7.1 will be OK for me.
  • I have Cyber Acoustics 4.1 Channel speakers.
  • I'd generally have a 3 Piece Cyber Acoustics system, but right now I have a high-quality 2 piece.
  • I have a 3 piece system. I wish i had a 7.1 system though...
  • oh.. that is the thing i've always wanted...
  • Its not that good. I want a 5.1 or 7.1

    You know what? I had the subwoofer sitting pside down ever since I got it
  • 5.1 or 7.1 are TOO expensive. I have never saw 7.1 yet. :)
  • me niether, but its gotta be good.

    Whats the point of PC Speakers so big? I put all my MP3's onto CD's and listen to them in a DVD player with 5.1.
  • Snap1.JPG
    Cheap 2 pc, $10
  • My board has 5.1, but I don't have the speakers to use it.

  • My board claims to have 5.1. But I'm using a 3 piece speaker set.
  • My friend is using 3.1 and he's not satisfacted with it!
  • I got a simple 2 piece setup for my speakers. I'm not a real sound geek so I don't mind. They work fine for me.

    I'd like to get a 3 piece system tho with an Audigy2 sound card
  • i got my laptop wired up to my cd player.... damn its loud...
  • Ooooh... That seems perfect for me!
  • yeah... the nieghbours might get slightly annoyed....
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